Mon update: Out to Lunch on Beale Street, fire truck brownouts, closings, live hangover-free, Tamp & Tap, queso fondue @ Flying Saucer

Join Mayor Wharton for “Out to Lunch on Beale Street” this Friday, January 31. At 11:30 AM the Mighty Souls Brass Band will promenade down Beale. At 11:45 the Grizzlies Claw Crew, Rockey Redbird, the Amurica photo booth, music and more will be at Handy Park. Join the mayor for lunch and rediscover America’s most iconic street.

Follow @mmfa1784 on Twitter to learn which fire trucks are browned out each day. Today there’s just one browned-out truck, in South Memphis.

Downtown is losing an auto repair shop. Madison Automotive at 440 Union will close at the end of this week. The shop’s Covington Pike location will remain open.

Walking down Madison this morning, I noticed that the space formerly occupied by Jack Yacoubian Jewlers near Second Street is for lease. That block is starting to experience a comeback, with the Brass Door, Mad Earl, and Havana’s Pilon all thriving. Hopefully something good will go in there.

Saw this on Facebook yesterday: Follow these tips and live hangover-free for the rest of your days

I saw on Twitter that Tamp & Tap has a Nintendo 64. Pretty cool.

The Flying Saucer has some new menu items, and I tried one yesterday: Queso fondue.

Photo Jan 26, 3 59 11 PM

You get your own pot of fondue, with ham, bratwurst, veggies, and pretzels to dip. This is a LOT of food! TWo people could easily split it and get plenty to eat.

That’s it for now. Everybody keep warm; next two days are supposed to be bitter cold.