Wed update: Dog Groupon, Super Bowl, Soup Sunday discount, Rizzo’s brunch, wine in groceries, $9.84 credit card scam, the mess in Atlanta that could have been avoided

I try to check Groupon every morning to see if there are any deals Downtowners might be interested in. No Downtown deals, but I know a lot of dog owners read this blog, so I want to mention a deal I did see: Home dog boarding from You can browse profiles of local dog lovers who will board your dog while you’re away. The Groupon deal is good for up to 63% off.

Time for a few pieces of Super Bowl news: I have learned of two more Downtown restaurants offering take-out platters for Super Bowl house parties. Double J is offering 48 sliders for $48, with choice of two sides excluding asparagus. You can also get 24 sliders and 5 dozen wings for $99, or one dozen wings for $9.

If you want sushi at your Super Bowl party, Bluefin has a catering menu.
If you plan to order catering from any restaurant for your party, best plan is to call as far in advance as possible.

If you want to get out to watch the Super Bowl, the Flying Saucer will have Pint Nite all day and evening for Super Bowl Sunday. From opening time at noon until closing time at midnight, almost all draft pints on the wall will be only $3. Pint Nite will also happen on Monday as usual.

People ask me from time to time if the Downtown bars get uncomfortably packed for the Super Bowl. No, most don’t. There is so much competition between all the bars that day that most of them are average-busy, probably a little busier than the typical Sunday but not packed to the gills. Still, it’s a good idea to get there an hour (or more) early to get a good seat, wherever you go. If your destination is known as a good place to watch sports (e.g. Max’s Sports Bar), may want to get there even earlier.

Discount on tickets for Youth Villages’ Soup Sunday ends January 30. Get tickets here.

Eat Local Memphis has good coverage of brunch at Rizzo’s Diner. Nice photos of the meatloaf sandwich and the catfish benedict.

In the news: Wine-in-groceries bill passes committee vote in TN house

From WMC: Beware of $9.84 charges on your credit and debit cards, often listed as from “customer support.” This is a small charge scammers use to determine if a card is active. If you get one of those $9.84 charges it is a sign you may be about to be hacked. I have enabled text alerts on my phone so I will know about those charges on my card immediately.

You’ve probably heard about the snowstorm in Atlanta that caused 940 accidents and left people stranded in their cars overnight. The deal was, they knew 1-2 inches of snow was predicted for the city, but it hadn’t started by morning rush hour so everyone went to work and school as normal. STUPID. Don’t listen to all those people who say, “Wait, we’re closing offices and schools because it MIGHT snow?” Listen to your intuition. If YOU think it’s going to get bad, stay home and keep your kids home from school. By the way, says we might have an icy weather event next Tuesday or Wednesday.

That’s it for Wednesday’s post. I’ll be out after work, probably leading off at the Silly Goose.