Sat update: Raj makes bad bets, Rajun Cajun crawfish fest, weather, watch the Super Bowl online, how to hold a burger

If you want to witness a piece of Downtown Super Bowl fun, walk or drive past the corner of Second and Peabody Place around 3 PM tomorrow. You see, two weeks ago, two Downtowners, Colin and Raj, made a bet on the NFC championship game. However, they did not bet money. Instead, they made it a bet of personal pride. Colin’s team, the Seahawks, won the game. As a result, Raj has to stand on one of Downtown’s busiest corners for an hour tomorrow, holding a sign that reads, “I MAKE BAD BETS. Go Seahawks!”

The annual Porter-Leath Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival is set for Sunday, April 27. This is Memphis’ biggest and best crawfish festival and is well worth attending even if you don’t eat the critters. Usually the fest is the third weekend in April, but it’s a week later this year. I checked the calendar and the reason for the date move is that Easter is Sunday, April 20. That means that Rajun Cajun and Beale Street Wine Race will be on the same day for the first time in several years. Dammit Jesus, why couldn’t you have been crucified in February when there’s nothing going on? I wish the two fests could figure out a way to waive the open-container law on Beale between Second and the river that day. It would be sweet indeed to get a Call-a-Cab from Wet Willie’s as a walkaround and walk it back to the crawfish festival.

Winter weather is a possibility tomorrow night. has the details.

Like long-range forecasts? Yesterday I discovered that AccuWeather does a 45-day forecast. Of course, who knows how reliable it can be that far out, but here’s the good news: Only 2 of the next 45 days are predicted to have highs in the 30s, and no highs in the 20s. Also, after a week from tomorrow, no lows below freezing are predicted. I hope they’re right!

Another thing I like about AccuWeather? They don’t name winter storms. None of that Cleon, Dion, Electra BS. I’m getting sick of the Weather Channel and am going to rely on AccuWeather from now on as my national weather website.

If you won’t be in front of a TV tomorrow, here’s how to watch the Super Bowl online.

From the Consumerist blog: Hold your burger this way to keep toppings from squirting out when you bite into it. You’re welcome.

The Tigers play a road game against SMU at 1 today. Game will be on CBS Sports Network. A lot of people don’t realize that this is a big game. SMU is a very good team but doesn’t have the reputation of our foes Louisville, UConn, and Cincinnati. I won’t make a prediction on the outcome of today’s game but I will make this prediction: As today’s game goes, so will go the Tigers’ chances of making the Sweet 16 in March.

Random pro wrestling video of the week: CM Punk’s matches in TNA 2003-2004. You may have heard that Punk, one of WWE’s top stars, walked out on the company this week, right in the middle of the buildup to WrestleMania. The video linked here is two and a half hours of footage from the days when CM Punk was young and TNA didn’t suck.

That’s the news for now. As usual I will be out at Bardog at 11, then figure out the rest of the day.