Wed update: Flying Saucer raises Fire Sale price, praise for Let’s Move Down, Uncle Lou’s on TV, CVS gets rid of tobacco products

Yesterday after work I went to the Flying Saucer and ordered my usual Dos Equis Lager at the bar. One of the servers came up to me and said, “Paul, look at the Fire Sale board. Do you notice anything different?” Every day they select a different craft beer to sell at a discount price (except Monday, which is Pint Nite and almost all the drafts are discounted). For the past four or so years, the Fire Sale has been $3 a draft. However, when I looked at the board I saw this:

Photo Feb 04, 6 29 19 PM

The Fire Sale price had gone up to $3.50. I posted a pic to Facebook, and not surprisingly people complained. Kirk the general manager got on and commented, explaining that they waited to do it as long as possible and that they were the last of the locations to implement the price increase. He also said that the price increase would allow them to Fire Sale a wider, better range of beers. (Not sure a pear cider is the best way to make that point, but some people like it I suppose.)

I was joined by a friend who was on his way to the Memphis-Rutgers game at the FedExForum. He had praise for the Let’s Move Down smartphone app. “Once you have a cheap ticket and are in the FedExForum, you can find some really good deals to upgrade to much better seats. I went to a game on a $7 ticket, and at halftime I was able to move to seats about 10 rows back from courtside for only about $10 more.”

The Uncle Lou’s Fried Chicken episode of Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives airs tonight at 10:30 on the Food Network. Thanks to @MemphisOnTV for the tip.

In case you missed the news, CVS will stop carrying cigarettes and all tobacco products. Management felt that they could not in good conscience promote themselves as a champion of health care while carrying those items. CVS hasn’t always had the best reputation in Memphis but I have to say this is a very, very good move.

The Grizzlies host the Dallas Mavericks at the FedExForum tonight at 7. This could be the battle for the Western Conference 8th seed in the playoffs, so it’s an important game.

That’ll do it for now. Back tomorrow with more news.