I called my office’s inclement weather hotline this morning and they said the office would open at 10. So I turned the alarm off and went back to bed. I woke up at 9:20, which meant there was no way I would make it to Horn Lake by 10, so I grabbed my phone to text my manager that I’d be a little late. Right as I picked it up, I got a text from him. “Office closed today. See you tomorrow.” YESSSSSSSS!!!!!

So, now the question is, where to day drink? Not the Green Beetle or Central BBQ, because both of those businesses have posted that they will be closed today. Brass Door has posted that they are open, along with a pic of Seamus shoveling snow.

I do have some beer news to report: Memphis Made Brewery has teamed up with the Flying Saucer to come up with some fun events for March and April. Each Monday night in March at 7:00, a new Memphis Made beer will be tapped at the Saucer. March 3 will be Junt, a farmhouse-style ale with cumin. March 10’s beer will be Bent Note, a spring IPA. On March 17 the new beer will be Plaid Attack, a slightly smoked Scottish Ale. The 24th’s beer will be Cocoa Reverberation, a coffee stout that is a collaboration with Reverb Coffee Company.

On Thursday, April 3, the Saucer will hold a beer dinner featuring all the beers from March along with locally-sourced food. The person who gets the last pint from each of the kegs on Mondays in March will receive a free ticket to the beer dinner. Tickets will also be sold. I have said it before – beer dinners are one thing the Saucer does very well, and this will be the first-ever local beer dinner there.

If you’re one of my Moody Ques teammates and didn’t get the email, there’s a team meeting next Sunday at the Blind Bear at 2 PM. Food will be provided. If you’re coming let Clay know.

All right, folks. In this cold weather I am VERY concerned that the PBR tap at Bardog might not be working properly. I plan on checking to make sure it’s all right at various times throughout the day. I guess I better get over there.