Moody Ques BBQ team meeting for current and prospective team members – Blind Bear, Sunday March 9, 2 PM

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There will be a team meeting for the Moody Ques Memphis in May World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest (aka BBQ Fest) team this Sunday, March 9. It will be at our sponsor, the Blind Bear, at 2 PM. Food will be provided by the Blind Bear. This is a meeting for any prospective members out there, as well as current team members. We will have information on this year’s tent, which will be decorated in honor of Memphis in May’s 2014 honored country, Panama. We have a killer design that we believe will win us Best Booth for the second straight year.

If you haven’t paid your dues online yet, bring your checkbook. By paying in person, you’ll avoid the $9-and-some-change PayPal fee that is added when you pay online. We have only had about 15 members pay so far and we budgeted for 40. Since we do not have WordPress as a title sponsor this year, we are counting on membership dues to pay for the application fee, tent materials, wrist tiks, and the various other things we need to purchase this month. Please pay as soon as possible!

We will also take down your T-shirt size and additional contact information at the meeting, to ensure that all our members have everything they need in time for BBQ Fest.

Membership fee this year is $300 for individuals and $450 for couples. Couples do not have to be married but do have to be in an established relationship.

I hope to see you Sunday. Should be a very informative meeting.