Tue update: Goose Island beer/food pairing at Corner Bar, Dogfish Head lands at the Flying Saucer, Memphis Made Southern Julep, Green Beetle hiring cook, MATA selfie challenge, Amy LaVere

What an exciting win last night. The Grizzlies stole Game 2 on the road, tying the playoff series with the Oklahoma City Thunder at one game apiece. Now the Thunder have to come play two games in an arena where Memphis is on a 14-game winning streak.

Lots of beer events going on today as Memphis Beer Week continues. There is a Goose Island rare beer and food pairing tonight at the Peabody Corner Bar. The pairing features 312 Urban Pale Ale, 312 Urban Wheat Ale, Halia, Backyard Rye BCS, Bourbon County Stout, Brie, and Lolita. 6-8 PM. Tickets are $42. Call Lyndsey at 901-529-4183 to reserve your place.

Dogfish Head beer is back in Memphis. A number of beers will land on draft at the Flying Saucer today, including

60 Minute IPA
90 Minute IPA
120 Minute IPA
Midas Touch
61 Minute (I haven’t heard of this one but I assume it’s an IPA?)
Burton Baton
Indian Brown
Positive Contact
American Beauty

I’ve had Midas Touch and 120 Minute before, but not on draft. Really looking forward to giving those a try tonight.

If you would prefer to spend your money on local beer, Memphis Made dropped off their first 750 ml bottles of Southern Julep to the Flying Saucer. Tamp & Tap has it also. Southern Julep is a Belgian style brown ale is brewed with fresh mint and aged with American oak.

The Green Beetle is looking for a qualified line cook. Details here.

MATA is running a selfie challenge. Submit a photo of yourself on the trolley or a MATA bus and you could win a 31-day pass.

Local singer Amy LaVere is crowdsourcing funding for her upcoming tour of the UK. She is pre-selling orders of her next CD, and will provide extras and personal touches based on the amount donated. It’s a way for her fans to be part of the making of the music from now until the moment the CD is released. The Daily News has details.

Plans for tonight: I plan on trying some of those Dogfish Head beers! If cost is not a factor, I would have to say that Midas Touch is just about my favorite beer ever, and I can’t wait to give it a try on draft. Maybe I’ll have one of those Memphis Made Southern Juleps too.