Tue update: BBQ T-shirts, Sterick emergency, parking tickets, Brewery Untapped, Grantland article, get paid to use Bing, recipes

The Moody Ques team T-shirts are here. They will be distributed in team member bags, but the team leaders gave me mine in advance for publicity purposes. Here’s a look. The shirts are beautiful royal blue – my favorite color and Memphis Tigers color as well. They fit well and aren’t super-tight like last year’s shirts were.

Photo Apr 29, 7 26 32 AM

This is the small image on the left front of the shirt.

Photo Apr 29, 7 26 58 AM

This is the image on the back of the shirt.

These were done by my friend Josh Cottrell who works out of Winfield’s at 2 South Main. If you need a bulk T-shirt order done, keep Josh in mind. I’m going to ruffle some feathers here, and I speak only for myself and not the team, but I think Josh did a much better job than the company that printed our shirts last year, both in terms of quality of material and getting the shirts to us on time.

There was an emergency situation at the Sterick Building this morning. The CA reports that window washers were left dangling 20 stories above Third Street when a motor broke on their rig. The two men managed to break a window and get inside, as firefighters were on their way up the stairs to reach them.

The city is implementing new regulations for parking tickets. Violations carry fines that average about $21. However, beginning May 1, if these tickets are not paid in a timely fashion (within 15 days), fines and other costs could make the cost of the violation to $246 total. Cars can also be immobilized or impounded if there are unpaid fines. There are parking kiosks on some streets that cover multiple spaces. These use a “pay and display” technology where you print out a receipt and display it on your dashboard as proof of payment. Receipts can also be used to dispute parking tickets.

The Memphis Flyer reports that the first weekend of Brewery Untapped at the Tennessee Brewery was a huge success with even larger crowds than expected. Untapped re-opens for its second weekend Thursday at 11 AM.

There’s a nice article on Grantland about four days in Memphis for the NBA playoffs.

Google is the most popular search engine, but Bing will pay you to use it. Users can expect to earn in the ballpark of 500 credits per month, equivalent to $5 that you can cash in for rewards.

On Pinterest: The Memphis Farmers Market has posted recipes you can make with ingredients from the market.

Grizzlies play Game 5 tonight in Oklahoma City at 8 PM. Series is tied at 2-2. I’m going to watch the game at the Blind Bear, but am going to take the evening off from poker so I can focus my attention on the game. Go Grizzlies! Let’s steal another one on the road and get home-court advantage back.