Wed update #2: Aquanet on Peabody rooftop tomorrow, new file sharing concept not yet in Memphis, growl towels, Court House Deli, another Brewery Untapped article, Iron Sheik movie released

One of the best acts to play the Peabody rooftop, Aquanet, takes the stage tomorrow night at the Thursday rooftop party. This band does ’80s hair band cover songs and dresses in authentic costumes. Come hear Poison, Ratt, Bon Jovi, Warrant, Winger, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, and more performed as only Aquanet can. Special guest My Crazy Girlfriend will perform as well. Doors open at 6, ladies and hotel guests free until 7, $10 admission otherwise. Admission includes a make-your-own nacho bar. If you’re in VIP you also get a buffet of tamales, a fish taco station, and quesadillas. The drink special will be Malibu Sparklers for $6. Here’s a video of Aquanet rocking it out on WREG Live at 9.

I am sad to report that there are no known dead drops in Memphis. Our city is missing out on the latest and greatest innovation in file sharing.

Game 6 growl towel will have “All Heart, Grit, Grind” on it. Now that’s a collector’s item. Game will tip off at 7 PM vs. the OKC Thunder tomorrow night at FedExForum.

Court House Deli has begun accepting credit and debit cards. This is one of my favorite lunch spots. Great Cajun chili, red beans and rice, crawfish etoufee, mushroom swiss burgers, deli sandwiches and salads, and Voodoo wings. Check it out if you haven’t already. It’s on Main between Madison and Monroe, and is open for lunch only. It’s inexpensive and they know how to keep the line moving so you can eat and get back to work.

The Daily News has another good article about Brewery Untapped.

Wrestling fans: You can now buy The Sheik, the movie about retired wrestler The Iron Sheik. He the real and the legend and if you not buy his movie you jabroni like the B. Brian Blair and the Virgil and you have the sex with dead dog. Buy it at

That’s the end of the day news. Time for a PBR at the Goose. Coming soon: A Music Fest weekend guide for people who don’t do Music Fest.