Welcome to the 10th annual Tube Top Month!


May 23-July 6, 2014

“Where there are not straps, there is hope”

Welcome to the greatest time of the year in this blog, Tube Top Month. This is a celebration of the greatest women’s clothing item ever created, the tube top. All month long (and it’s more than a standard month, which I will get to in a minute) each post will either have one or more pictures of tube tops, or will have tube tops mentioned in some way, no matter how irrelevant tube tops are to the rest of the post’s content.

Originally, Tube Top Month was the month of June. However, it has been expanded to include Memorial Day weekend and Independence Day, or Independence Day weekend when it falls on a weekend. This year Tube Top Month will be 45 days long.

Due to the cold weather, I am off to a slow start for Tube Top Month this year. I usually come out of BBQ Fest with a ton of photos to post, but this year I have almost none. I plan to turn that around this weekend, though. I plan on going to Sunset Symphony tomorrow, which tends to be tube top heaven. I will have the Tube Top Cam with me, so if you want your pic in the blog come find me. I’ll be the guy who hasn’t had a haircut in almost six months (although I plan to take care of that Tuesday) and my royal blue Moody Ques shirt with Van Halen 1984 cover on the back.

Then again, why wait until tomorrow? Why not wear a tube top tonight? In celebration of this being the 10th annual Tube Top Month, I will buy a Fireball or moonshine shot for the first female in a tube top who comes up to me and asks for one. You know the usual places I hang out, so come find me. (Shot recipient must be 21 or over)

(With my luck, I’ll end up having to pay that off at the Flying Saucer, where Fireball is the “Kirk Special” for $7)

Together we can all make this the best Tube Top Month ever!!!