Invest in good times

This is it. The last day that the Tennessee Brewery will be open for Brewery Untapped. If you love the brewery and hate it that it may be torn down in August, GET DOWN THERE. Let’s pack the place. Let’s have so many people standing outside on Tennessee Street waiting to get in that the trolley has trouble getting through. Let’s make a statement. It may not work but let’s make it anyway.

If you’ve never been, there is a beer garden serving local and regional craft beer, there are food trucks, there is a game room and there is a large outdoor patio that is perfect for good times with friends. It is the ultimate social space.

If you buy beer between 12 and 6 today, you get a $1 token refunded to you. You can place that token in a donation box for the charity of your choice. Today’s charities include Peer Power Foundation, Mid-South Food Bank, Grow Memphis, the Mid-South chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the New Ballet Ensemble and School.

You will have plenty more days to watch baseball. You will have plenty more days to lay out by the pool. You will have plenty more days to hang out at Bardog or the Goose or the Bear or wherever. You only have one day left to be at the brewery. GET DOWN THERE. If it rains, deal with it. I’ve been soaked twice in the past 15 days and I survived. You will too. GET DOWN THERE.

The brewery is open from 11 to 9 today. I have to admit I may need a tube top snuggle bunny to deal with the sadness when it closes if anyone wants to help with that.