Feel the heat: The Lionels (Richie and Hollins), BBQ sauce, send Dave’s daughters to college, free office suite app, Gertrude of Arabia, beer fest in LR, updated Sweetwater info

Some like it hot
And some sweat ’til the heat is gone
Some feel the heat
And decide to put a tube top on…

I wonder if Power Station ever dreamed when they wrote that song, that 29 years later it would be parodied on a “Tube Top Month” blog? Probably not.

It’s Wednesday and I’m back with your daily distraction. Expect Downtown to be crowded tonight as Lionel Richie brings his “All the Hits All Night Long Tour” to the FedExForum. Special guest CeeLo Green. Showtime is 7:30.

Seth from Best Memphis Burger Instagrammed a BBQ sauce recommendation yesterday: Sweet Heat from Central BBQ Downtown, made with Thai chilis and habanero. “Game over! Best sauce ever!” he wrote. I am going to have to try some of that soon. I love spicy!

Last night I posted #rememberdave, in memory of tech innovator and connector of people Dave Barger. Dave left behind two young daughters. You can donate to their college fund here.

The app OfficeSuite Professional is free in the App Store today. Normally $15. View and edit Word and Excel files, view PDFs and PowerPoint files, save to your favorite cloud storage. Thanks Chad for the tip. More info here.

From the Daily Beast: Gertrude of Arabia, the woman who invented Iraq. Very interesting article if you’re interested in world history, women who made history, or how the modern Middle East took shape. She’s said to have had a larger influence on the Middle East than the much more well-known T.E. Lawrence.

If you like road trips and beer, check out the Great Arkansas Beer Festival next month in Little Rock. It’s on Colonel Glenn Road. There are hotels a couple miles north on Shackleford that would be a short cab ride there and back.

From Yahoo! Sports: The Houston Rockets are considering adding Lionel Hollins to their coaching staff to improve defense.

The folks at Sweetwater decided to hit the Cordova Saucer last night rather than the Downtown one, due to a huge trivia night that was happening out there. Apologies to anyone who read they’d be Downtown in my blog and went. They’ll be at the Downtown Saucer at 7:30 tonight. As far as I know there will not be a free beer giveaway there, although you never know. I heard they bought a lot of people beers at Local and Bardog yesterday.

Plans for tonight: There are bartenders, and then there are bartenders who post lots of photos of themselves in bikinis (and not just their damn feet) to Facebook. I prefer the latter, so I will be at Jessica’s bar at the Silly Goose about 5:30. A little before 7:30 I will wander over to the Saucer to meet the Sweetwater folks and learn about their beer.

Feel the heat
Torching the entire town

Feeeeeeel the heat
Sweating so much
Might bring the tube top down