Wed update #2: MIFA jobs, why to tip in cash, Thai meatballs, Tacos & Tunes, VA can’t help homeless veteran, Squeal Street entering Burger Fest, Wiseacre hires more, Nuh-Uh Girl

Last week I posted some job opportunities at MIFA. Today there are a few more: Graphic designer, HR specialist and trainer, social service worker, ombudsman volunteer coordinator. View them here.

From Lifehacker: Why it helps your server out if you leave your tip in cash instead of on a credit card. They’ll get the money faster and may get to keep more of it.

Last night at the Silly Goose, Daniel gave me a sample of one of the new menu items to try: Thai meatballs. They were very good and came with pita points which were good for dipping in the sauce. Give it a try if you like sweet and spicy.

Felicia Suzanne’s is having another Tacos & Tunes Thursday on the patio tomorrow evening. $2 tacos from 6 to 8, $5 margaritas, and live music 7 to 10. Any time you can get two dollar anything from Felicia’s, that is a heck of a deal. Might be some good tube top watching on the patio too.

This is sad: 28-year-old disabled homeless veteran living in his car after the VA says they can’t help him.

My friends on Squeal Street BBQ have announced that they will be entering Best Memphis Burger Fest in September, They have secured the Double J limo for a ride back Downtown in style, and they are sending Bob to Cash Saver to pick up the Miracle Whip.

Good news about one of our local craft breweries. Wiseacre has expanded and has hired four new full-time and sixteen new part-time employees.

Congratulations to former Memphian the Nuh-Uh Girl, who passed her test and is now a certified Sommelier.

All right. On my way out for beer. Plan hasn’t changed: Goose first then Saucer for Sweetwater beer at 7:30.