Thur update: Moody Brews, Ray-Ban party, Jeff Johnson’s projects, alcoholic milkshakes, Adam the Poet, Walrus @ Peabody, Mamma Mia!

Late lunchtime post today because I was in a three-hour meeting from 11 to 2.

There’s a new brewery over in Little Rock called Moody Brews. I wonder if they stole the name from the same band we did, or if they heard about our BBQ team and stole the name from us. Blog reader Ptolemy Kat suggested that we bring them on board as a beer sponsor. Not a bad idea.

SEE Memphis is having a Ray-Ban party today at 5. You can check out the latest Ray-Ban styles while enjoying free wine, cheese, and live music. SEE Memphis is on the Main Street Mall between Union and Gayoso. Somewhere in the Bay Area of California there’s a sommelier who hates it that she’s missing out on free food.

The Memphis Flyer has a good article about the many projects of Local’s Jeff Johnson. It’s a good read with information about Oshi, the new burger bar to open next month in the former Dream Berry space. Alcoholic milkshakes? Yummmm! I remember the old days Downtown when Dyer’s used to have those. The article also talks about future Mexican restaurant Agave Maria and Johnson’s thoughts of expanding the Local brand to Nashville.

Also from the Flyer: Adam the Poet pens verse at local events. He was at the High Cotton taproom opening last Saturday.

Walrus plays the Peabody rooftop tonight, with special guest Parmalee. $15 cover this week, with ladies and hotel guests free until 7. Doors open at 6. Walrus is one of the most popular bands in Memphis and should draw a nice crowd.

There will be a sing-along to the movie Mamma Mia! tonight at the Orpheum. Sing along with the stars to all your favorite ABBA tunes. Movie starts at 7. Show up at 6 for a showing of the latest cutting-edge fashions by MUSE. I hope these cutting-edge fashions include some tube tops!

That’s it for now. As always on Thursdays I’ll be at Jessica’s bar at the Goose after work.