Sat update: Max’s opening early, woman groped at bus stop, community orchard, Moscow Mules and more

Michele has posted that Max’s Sports Bar will open early, at 2 PM both today and tomorrow, for those who want to watch the World Cup.

From WREG: A man is charged with sexual battery after allegedly groping a woman at a bus stop at Front and Monroe. He is said to have stuck his hand down the back of the woman’s jeans, as well as sticking his hand down her shirt and grabbing her breast. Normally I shy away from posting news like this that casts Downtown in a bad light, but I’m making an exception this time to post his mug shot so that all women Downtown can be aware of what he looks like.

WREG also has a really nice piece on the Nettleton Community Orchard. Neighbors took a piece of land at Tennessee and Nettleton that really wasn’t good for much and are turning it into something attractive. Fruit is already growing on the trees that have been planted, and next week AutoZone employees are volunteering to put in flower beds and plant more fruit trees.

The Flying Saucer has Moscow Mules back. The Moscow Mule is a refreshing summer drink made with vodka, ginger beer, and lime juice on ice. The Saucer got rid of the drink for a while because the copper mugs kept getting stolen, but now they have a system in place to prevent that.

I posted about the Moscow Mules on Facebook and got a tip from a Silly Goose bartender: The Goose has the Mules too and they’re $4 during happy hour.

I just surfed my Facebook timeline for the past week to see if there was anything I posted on there that needs to go on the blog too. As I re-read my posts I realized something – only one of my past 25 Facebook posts has mentioned tube tops. What has become of me lately? Quite disappointed in myself. The ratio of worthwhile information to tube tops should be more like 50/50 this time of year. I apologize to all my Facebook friends and I promise to try to do better.

Relaxing night last night for the most part… I had a good conversation with one of the main Squeal Street guys at the Saucer about that team’s plans for Best Memphis Burger Fest. Well, it was a good conversation until the Angry Turd barged in and ruined it. I also made plans for where I’m going to watch the USA-Portugal game on Sunday.

It’s Saturday so you know the drill. Panda’s bar at 11. Probably flying solo today because my friends are away on a canoe trip. If anyone wants to put on a tube top and come join me, feel free.