Thur update #2: Fireworks, July 4 PSA, Evelyn & Olive, Brazilian men’s new strategy to pick up women, Tiger basketball shuttles, Sache hiring

I’ve had a few people ask if/when there will be fireworks Downtown to celebrate Independence Day. There will in fact be two such celebrations: One on Mud Island (and therefore visible from the river walk/Tom Lee Park/rooftops) and the other after the Redbirds game. Both will be on the Fourth. Thanks to Holly’s awesome July 4 post for the information.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Tube Top Month does not end on June 30 anymore. It ends with Independence Day weekend, which would be July 6 this year. So it will still be Tube Top Month on the Fourth. Please keep this in mind and dress appropriately.

Many locally-owned restaurants close on the Fourth, but Jamaican restaurant Evelyn & Olive has announced that they will be open and will be serving jerk pork shoulder. Evelyn & Olive is on Madison about a block east of Danny Thomas.

From Mashable: Brazilian men are pretending to be tourists in the country for the World Cup to try to hook up with Brazilian women. That’s awesome.

MATA has worked out a deal to continue shuttle service to Memphis Tigers basketball home games for the 2014-15 season. Discontinuation of the shuttle had been considered as a money-saving option.

Clothing boutique/salon Sache has announced that there are open positions. They are looking for retail sales, screen printing, event sales and office clerical expertise. Apply in-store.

Home from work. Since my regular Thursday Silly Goose bartender Jessica is at the beach this week, I’m going to switch things up and lead off at Bardog tonight for happy hour. Any and all tube topsters are invited to join.