Very important PBR news

… but before I get to the news, I have to share a dream I had last night.

From June through December 2000, I lived in San Diego as kind of an escape from Memphis and the South in general. The neighborhood where I worked, a couple of miles inland from the coast, was called Hillcrest and it was the predominately gay area of the city. During my lunch breaks I would take walks (since the weather there is nice pretty much 365 days a year) and would walk past this bar where all the servers were drag queens. On Wednesday nights they had “Bitchy Bingo.” So I dreamed that the 2014 Downtown Memphis crew went to Bitchy Bingo. It was a celebration of our friend Nikki’s birthday (which happened in real life last night at Blind Bear).

One of the drag queens who was working came up to our table and said, “I want my photo taken for Tube Top Month.”

I replied, “Well… this won’t exactly qualify for Tube Top Month…”

He/she said, “Why? Because I have on a corset top and not an authentic tube top? I didn’t think you straights gave a shit about that. I thought all you cared about is that it doesn’t have straps.”

“Ummm… well, that’s not the reason it wouldn’t qualify…” I replied.

He/she stared at me for a minute and then gasped. “It’s because I’m a MAN isn’t it??!!?!? See if I EVER put extra ice cubes in your glass of Coke again! BITCH!!!!!!” and then stormed off indignantly.

I have awesome dreams and we need a bar Downtown with drag queens. The rest of Memphis would hate it but Downtowners, Midtowners and tourists would keep it in business.

Okay, on to the news. I have some very important news to report this morning.

Photo Jun 27, 6 00 46 PM

Last night I got home and was making a minor change to our website at work, and trying to decide whether Bardog or Flying Saucer would be my lead-off point for the night. Then I got a text message that changed my plans. “The Silly Goose has $4 mini-pitchers of PBR,” the message said. Well, that changed everything! I certainly wouldn’t want to deprive my readers of very important PBR news. I changed clothes and walked to the Goose.

I got two and a half pint glasses out of the pitcher, leading me to believe it holds 40 ounces. It kept me going for a solid hour without having to ask Nancy for a refill. So, when should you order this as opposed to ordering one pint at a time?

  • When you plan on being around for a while. Obviously it takes longer to drink 40 ounces of beer than it does 16.
  • When it’s not happy hour. You get 40 ounces of beer for $4, as opposed to 32 if you ordered by the glass. During happy hour, ordering by the glass is a better value.
  • When the bar’s busy and you don’t want to wait on refills.
  • When sharing with someone.

Really, I’m happy to see inexpensive PBR no matter what it’s served in.

There’s more news in my “Friday update #2” post. Keep scrolling down if you haven’t seen it. I’ll be at Bardog at 11 as usual. Panda is on vacation so we’ve got Bloom this week.