Quick reminder of events today

We’re in the middle of a rarely-issued flash flood emergency this morning. If you don’t have to drive, don’t. Quick reminder of a couple of things going on today: Canada Day at Kooky Canuck, all day long. Canadian beer and whisky specials, Canadian menu, and a $100 gift card to the person who dresses the most Canadian. This is always a fun, fun day at Kooky. Crawfish boil at the Green Beetle. Crawfish will be out about 3. $10 per pound and they come with corn and taters. Live music.

The Bitchy Bingo dream I posted about yesterday morning led to me running into a couple of people who said, “Hey, I read your post. I used to live in San Diego too.” Now that I have three weeks vacation a year, I need to plan a trip out there in 2015. Here’s what I would do: Double double animal style, Mission Beach/Pacific Beach boardwalk, Mexican fast food restaurant whose name ends in -berto’s, cactus garden in Balboa Park, roast pig at that Hawaiian restaurant at Mission Boulevard and Pacific Beach Drive, a trip to The Living Room coffee shop, fish tacos, that store in the mall Downtown that sells nothing but kites, Ocean Beach farmers market, World Curry, a stroll down Adams Avenue in Normal Heights, Trader Joe’s, burrito Enchilado style at Baja Fresh. Two places I would not go are Tijuana (SUPER GROSS) and Black’s Beach (the clothing optional one; EQUALLY GROSS and a shame because it’s the area’s most naturally pretty beach). Now I just need to find a tube top snuggle bug who’s never been to Cali to take out there and show a good time.
Just for kicks, I got on an apartment hunter website and searched for a 1 BR/1 BA apartment in Downtown San Diego comparable to what I have at Number 10 Main. $2300 a month. In case you’re wondering why I moved back to Memphis…
That’ll do it for now. I will kick things off at Bloom’s bar at Bardog at 11 then hopefully will make it to Kooky and crawfish this afternoon. There is a pay-per-view on the WWE Network so I will not be playing poker tonight.