Mon update #2: Protest in support of MPD/MFD tomorrow, Romantic Memphis, flood, GM recall, Joe Jackson

The Memphis Police Association and fire union have advertised a peaceful rally for tomorrow. They are asking those who support Memphis police and firefighters to gather at City Hall from noon to 3 PM tomorrow, before the City Council meeting.

USA Today has an article called Romantic Memphis, discussing all the romantic things there are to do in our fair city. Almost all of the locations mentioned were Downtown, including Paulette’s, Chez Philippe, and Itta Bena. PRO TIP for the ladies: Make your date extra romantic by wearing a tube top. has a blog post recapping Sunday’s flooding, calling it a “once-in-a-generation rainfall event.”

Do you drive a GM car? Better click this link. Over 7.6 million of their cars have been recalled due to faulty ignition switches, dating back as far as 1997 and including discontinued brands Oldsmobile and Pontiac as well as current brands.

Former Memphis Tiger Joe Jackson will play for the Grizzlies in Orlando Summer League starting next week. Nice pickup by the Grizzlies.

In other Tigers news: Current Tiger basketball player Dominic Woodson was involved in an altercation with a football player. Memphis AD Tom Bowen is addressing the situation with coaches Pastner and Fuente.

Grabbing a wooden nickel (to cash in for 5 cent PBR) and heading to Bardog for Melissa Monday. Pint Nite at Saucer still my planned second stop.