Throwback Thursday: Drunk post

If you came here looking for the “Thursday update” news post, this is it, but it will be in a slightly different format today. In 2008-09 when I was between jobs, I used to take the laptop to the Second Street Branch Office, AKA the Flying Saucer, and drink while I typed my posts. That’s what you’re getting today in this #tbt post. I have a shot of Fireball and a Dos Equis Lager sitting next to my netbook, and Lacey is behind the bar. Let’s do this.

*shoots Fireball*

The Fire Sale is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, in case you wanted to know.

Big event coming up next Tuesday, August 5 at the pavilion at Front and G.E. Patterson. It will be National Night Out, a chance to come out and meet and thank the police officers and firefighters who keep Downtown safe. It’s also a night to promote neighborhood camaraderie and police-community partnerships. There will be live music by Ashley McBride, and food from the Arcade, Central BBQ, Double J Smokehouse and Saloon, Jack Pirtle’s Chicken, the Blue Monkey, Papa John’s, and Roy Hughes on the grill. There will be wine and beer too. 6 to 8 PM. Weather permitting I will be there!

Looks like a lot of people who live in East Memphis, Whitehaven and North Mississippi who work Downtown were late to work this morning. An over-height truck got stuck on I-55 NB at Third Street. Cops had to shut down Malfunction Junction and back the truck all the way up to the 240. Gotta love idiot drivers, especially in trucks!

I need to stop by and say hello to the Lanskys while I’m in the immediate area. Their Clothier to the King store is back open in their original building, at 126 Beale, which also houses the Hard Rock Cafe.

The second annual Big One for One Drop poker tournament is going on right now, with a $1 million entry fee and a $50 million first-place prize. If you hold pocket Aces pre-flop and lose your million to some hand like 97 that hits two pair or a straight or a flush, well, that’s poker. But when you lose to this hand, well, that truly truly sucks.

Is there a Memphis Flyer Best of Memphis poll category for “best black yoga pants on a Memphis bartender” category? If not I would like to suggest its addition next year.

TJ Mulligan’s Pinch has its closing party today. They will close for remodeling and will reopen at some point in the future.

If you sign up for the Breakaway-Bardog 5K by 11:59 PM today, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a 75 minute session at Memphis Myofascial Release. I have no idea what that means but it sounds like something girls would like.

Happy birthday to Kaylea from the Blind Bear. I give her a lot of shit but I hope she knows I don’t mean it and think she’s a beautiful person inside and out. Also happy birthday to our BBQ team treasurer Frank from “Mr. Load-in”.

I just walked to the restroom and noticed the screen saver on the Saucer’s UFO computer. It was advertising an event called “Pigskin Pickin” on Saturday, August 30. “College football and a whole roast pig,” said the on-screen flyer. You have to be a UFO Club member to attend. Ask your Saucer bartender or server how to join the club if you’re not a member. It’s not expensive and you get a T-shirt. The 2014 Beerknurd T-shirts are pretty cool as opposed to the 2013 ones which I thought kinda sucked ass.

Dammit I just squirted a lime all over my netbook. At least it’s tax-free weekend if I have to go buy a new netbook.

The Orpheum is having a Grease sing-along tonight at 7. Doors open at 6. Come early for drink specials and movie-related activities.

Speaking of sing-alongs, John Lennon’s “Imagine” is playing at the Saucer and Stacey is singing along to it.

Swingin Leroy headlines the Peabody rooftop party tonight. Doors open at 6, $10 cover, ladies and hotel guests free until 7.  Admission includes a buffet of assorted mini pizzas, meatballs and garlic sticks. Now that the Nuh-Uh Girl has moved out of town there’s still food left on the buffet after 7:15. If you’re in VIP there will be a second buffet of mozzarella, basil and cherry tomato skewers, tortellini salad, and fettucine alfredo with grilled chicken.

The AP Stylebook tweeted that a group selfie is known as an usie, and is deeper than a selfie because of the social interaction displayed in the photo. This is one of the many reasons I hate the AP Stylebook and will never follow it on this blog.

Memphis Barbecue Supply has donated a Kamodo grill to be raffled off at Best Memphis Burger Festival on Sunday, September 21. Tickets to win the grill will be $5 apiece.

One of my Facebook friends posted a really good article from a site called The Mind Unleashed which lists 10 toxic relationships that mentally strong people avoid. Yep, any of those 10 would send me running. Sadly, I know quite a few people who don’t really feel like they’re in a relationship unless at least a few of these signs are present.

Actually, that entire Mind Unleashed site is good and worth a bookmark.

South Mainers: I’m going to have food truck news for you soon. It’s a couple of days early to post because it could get forgotten by the day of. But, good news coming soon.

From Mother Jones: Bud and Miller re trying to hijack craft breweries – and it’s totally backfiring. They have started fake craft breweries like Shock Top that are not breweries at all, but subsidiaries of the large beer companies. The idea was to take market share away from small craft breweries, but that hasn’t happened. Instead, the fake breweries are cannibalizing their parent companies’ sales. Serves you right, Bud and Miller. Craft beer is here to stay.

Okay, after two hours this post is finally ready. Apologies for any spelling or grammar errors. It’s hard enough to type sober on a 10 inch netbook, and I’m not exactly sober as of now. Going to hit Publish and move on to Bloom’s bar at Bardog.