Three stories Three stories from this week’s High Ground News of interest to Downtownersfrom this week’s High Ground News of interest to Downtowners

One of my favorite email publications, and one of my favorite sources of stories to link to in this blog, is High Ground News. While other news sources report murders and school lockdowns and parking lot assaults, High Ground reports on the many positive things happening in Memphis that make this city a better place to live. I received my weekly issue today and there were three stories that may be of interest to Downtowners.

The Edge is a great little neighborhood just east of the Downtown core, with great businesses like Trolley Stop Market, Kudzu’s, High Cotton Brewing Co, Evelyn & Olive, and Arepa and Salsa. At its easternmost end sits the legendary Sun Studio where Elvis and other music greats recorded. On Saturday, October 18, there will be a MEMfix event from 10 AM to 8 PM in the Edge. There will be live music, vendors, pop-up shops, and food trucks, all of which will be responsive to the neighborhood’s unique personality.

There’s an app for everything these days… including an app to fight blight. It is being beta-tested in three Memphis neighborhoods, one of which is Uptown.

Another article in High Ground News this week asks, how local is your beer?<?a> Around the country, more and more craft brewers are using locally- and regionally-grown ingredients in their beers.

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