Monday update. Oops it’s Tuesday.

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. What happened was, we had an ice  cream social at church and somebody ordered a second gallon of peppermint and things got a bit crazy. You know how that goes.

Damn that was some good ice cream.

Bardog is doing a trial run of British bingo with Diamond Dave tonight in the Underdog Room (that’s the downstairs) at 7:30. This is the same Diamond Dave who calls bingo Wednesdays at the Brass Door. It’s also pint night with all pints $3 (including the good stuff, PBR) tonight at Bardog.

The Grizzlies’ new pop-up fitness park has its grand opening at Tom Lee Park tomorrow afternoon from 5 to 7.  You can work out with Kosta Koufos and the Grizz Girls with instruction by professional trainers. They’ll have pre-season vouchers while supplies last. Face painting n’ shit for the kids.

The Blind Bear has sweet tea and Dr. Pepper for lunch now.

Lily from the AT&T commercials? I’d hit that.

The Flyer interviewed the legendary Lance Russell last week. Who’s going to Monday Night RAW six days from now? Me and my buddy Nick are going so look for us on TV. I didn’t buy the tickets but I hear we’re facing the hard camera and they’re pretty good seats. And we’re laying a guilt trip on our buddy Chad to take his boys Louie and Doc to see John Cena even though we think John Cena sucks. Brock Lesnar beat that ass at SummerSlam and I wish he’d killed Cena.

Don’t forget about the charity poker tournament Thursday night at Blind Bear. Prediction: Me vs. Lisa, final two, heads up. Which I will win because I’m much smarter than Lisa.

I actually bothered to highlight text and select the U icon in WordPress. I am awesome.

JJ from Blind Bear just showed me a picture of his new pet which is a bird eating tarantula.

I need a new netbook. This one’s five years old. Do they even make netbooks anymore? Chick who just sat next to me has one of those tablets with a plugin keyboard and it looks like the damn dance floor at Raiford’s.

Sheryl (Jeannette’s mom) just told me I’m the only person from Arkansas she’s ever liked. “And I have to go to Walmart over there.”

All right, time to hit Publish. Possible second post today so check back. Or maybe Friday.