Tues… er, Wednesday update. Losing track of the days.

This morning I saw one of the stupidest things I’ve ever seen Downtown. I was walking past one of the upscale apartment buildings (no not mine) and there was a notice posted on the front door. Management had detected “the illegal odor of marijuana” and when they figure out where it’s coming from, that person will have three days to vacate. Why would you post something like that on your FRONT DOOR, for the PUBLIC to see? Post it by the mailboxes. Post it by the elevator. But the front door? Really? In my opinion the person who posted that notice made a poorer decision than the person smoking the weed.

And aren’t there e-cigarettes you can buy these days that smell like marijuana? How do you know it isn’t one of those?

For those who don’t keep up with the news, Scotland votes whether to secede from the United Kingdom today. The Daily Beast reports that part of the reason Scots want to secede is the prospect that Prince Charles will one day become King Charles III. I feel their pain. I mean, the Queen is kind of like Elvis in that she may not be your cup of tea, but you can’t help but respect her. As for William and Harry, the kids are all right. Di was cool when she was alive. But Chuck? Chuck sucks. Even back in the 1980s I remember my grandmother telling me that the Queen might issue a decree that then-infant William would follow her in the line of succession because no one wanted to see Chuck as king. You know it’s bad when your own mother thinks you suck.

The Chisca caught on fire last night. It doesn’t sound serious though. It was a 2-alarm fire but that was just due to the size of the building,

The Curb Couture Trashion Show returns Sunday, September 28. You, yes you, can pay $53.49 to see people dressed up in garbage. This ranks right up there with karaoke night and Ole Miss home games in terms of events I plan to attend.

I just trashed the trashion show.

From the Flyer: New rules are coming for Uber and Lyft.

iOS 8 dropped today. Here’s a review.

Don’t forget about the RiverFit pop-up fitness park opening at Tom Lee Park this afternoon. If you get there at 6:30 you can work out with the Grizz Girls.

All right. Gotta get back to other things. I’m creating a detailed load-in plan for Squeal Street BBQ for Best Memphis Burger Fest on Sunday, but Microsoft Excel keeps crashing because this netbook only has a gig of RAM. I guess I can draw the pie charts on bar napkins if I have to. Unlike my BBQ team, Squeal Street has not won a trophy thus far in 2014 and I plan to do everything I can to change that on Sunday. In the meantime, if anyone wants to meet up for dranks I will be at Jessica’s bar at Silly Goose at 4 PM today.