Thur update: Pocket park, flip-flop giveaway, The Art of Science, Dragon Boat Races, pajama party, BMBF results, new weekly poker night

There will be a launch party at 4:30 this afternoon to celebrate the future Madison Pocket Park. Demolition on the old Burger King building, the site of the park, will be christened this afternoon with water balloons, Silly String, and more. There will be music, drink specials, and Yolo frozen yogurt.

In case you haven’t heard, the Grizzlies will give away flip-flops for their home game against the L.A. Clippers. Blake Griffin, Chris Paul and the gang from L.A. are probably the best-known team in the NBA for “flopping,” taking a dive to get unwarranted foul calls on their opponents. No giveaway could be more appropriate.

Excellent High Ground News article on The Art of Science, an exhibit at Memphis College of Art, 477 S. Main, tomorrow evening from 6 to 9. The idea came from two scientists at St. Jude when they were new to Memphis four years ago. They loved the art, but they wanted to find a way to join it with the beauty of science. You can see the result tomorrow.

The Dragon Boat Races are Saturday at Mud Island River Park.

The Silly Goose is holding a “Goose got me loose” pajama party on Sunday. Start time is 1 PM. “Best pajamas win the best item in the house,” whatever that means.

People have been asking me where they can see Best Memphs Burger Fest results. Found ’em.

A new Thursday weekly poker night begins NEXT Thursday (so no game tonight) at Jerry Lee Lewis Cafe on Beale Street. It will be free to play and will be run by Winn who is a regular at some of the other Downtown poker nights. There will be food specials, $3 domestics, and $3 Fireballs during the game for players. 8:30 start time and you get 1000 extra chips if you show up on time.

All right. Time to walk over to the Medical Center District and get my car with its new, expensive cooling fan. I’ll be out at the usual places after work.