Fri update: Transportation news, Big Scoop Ice Cream Festival, Pride Festival, former Club Crave

All right y’all, I’ve got to make a run to Target and buy pajamas for the Silly Goose’s pajama party on Sunday, so I’m going to keep this fairly brief.

Couple of pieces of transportation news. First of all, MATA says MATA says it’s likely the trolleys won’t be running again before the end of the year. I don’t think anyone is surprised by this, although it’s still bad news.

Better news: Lyft has cut its fares in Memphis another 10 percent.

Don’t forget that the Big Scoop Ice Cream Festival is tomorrow in AutoZone Park from 11 to 4. All-you-can eat ice cream and other treats. Excellent event for kids.

Also tomorrow, the annual Pride Festival is in Robert Church Park at Fourth and Beale.

The MBJ reports that two nightclubs will occupy the interior of the former Club Crave at 380 Beale by the end of next year.

All right, that’s it, time to go shopping. Undecided whether to head south to Trolley Night or just hang out in the Downtown core after work.