Sat update: River cruise, Grizzline auditions, trolleys, how to drink a beer, Grizzlies tickets and more

This week I made a life decision. I gave up shots – Fireball, Jameson, moonshine, Jager, all of it. Mostly Fireball. After taking numerous shots during my unexpected vacation week, I saw the effects they were having on my health and decided it was time to give them up. This week I have felt a lot better, I’ve been able to stay out a lot longer, and I’ve spent a lot less money. I’m happy with my decision.

Please don’t be offended if you offer me a shot and I turn it down. Those things were literally killing me and it was time to stop. If I win a “pot shot” at poker I will let it ride until the next hand.

The Downtown Neighborhood Association will host a River Cruise tomorrow at 4 PM. The boat will depart from Beale Street Landing. The captain will discuss the boat, and Jimmy Ogle will discuss historical items of note along the cruise. There are two upper decks for river views and an air-conditioned lower deck for when you need to cool off. There will be a raffle on the cruise with prizes from Double J, Bluff City Coffee, Mid-South Casters & Equipment, Reel 2 Real, Blue Monkey, Peacock Travel, Peabody Hotel, Redfish, Rizzo’s, and Muse. Tickets are $15 in advance and can be purchased here. $20 at the door. Limited to 300 people.

 The Grizzlies are holding auditions for the Grizzline tomorrow at 3 at the FedExForum. If you’re a performer and you have mad drumming skills, come down and audition to be part of Memphis’ premier drumline. You must have some previous drumline experience and be able to sight-read music. Come a little bit before 3 to get your paperwork processed.

A study released this week revealed that MATA’s two trolley fires in the past year were caused not only by faulty equipment but also by poor management. I would have used the word “incompetent” rather than “poor.” Meanwhile, business owners in South Main say their businesses are hurting without the trolleys.

The Flyer has a good article on how to drink a beer featuring tips from owners of three of Memphis’ local breweries. By the way, I may have given up shots but I have not given up beer. I plan to drink plenty of the Cadillac of beers, PBR, today.

Grizzlies single game tickets go on sale at 10 today.

From Bleacher Report: Arkansas is the SEC’s sleeper team of 2014. I would have to agree. Although Arkansas is the only unranked SEC West team at the moment, it is projected that they would be favored against everyone except Florida State and Clemson if they were in the ACC. The Razorbacks play Texas A&M today at 2:30 on CBS. It’s time to CALL THOSE HOGS!!!

I spent a few hours last night hanging out with friends on the Silly Goose’s patio. Perfect weather for it. You know, I’ve avoided the Goose after about 9 on Friday and Saturday the past couple of years – not because of anything about the bar, but because of the crowd. But, you know, last night I had a really good time. And besides, I’ve always had massive respect for what DJ Cody does. I’m going to start going back. Not tonight, though, because there is a small private event not far away that I expect to turn in to a shitshow of gigantic proportions. I want to be there to observe it from a safe distance.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pajamas ACQUIRED for the Silly Goose pajama party tomorrow. I was beyond my cartoon-watching years when the show premiered on TV, so I guess I’ll have to get on Wikipedia and find out who these turtles are. I’ll have my pajamas on at the Goose about 1 tomorrow.

Business as usual today, with Panda’s bar at Bardog my first stop at 11. Unsure where I’ll watch the Arkansas game, but Brad’s bar at the Blind Bear is where I would normally be on a Saturday at 2:30, so if they have the game on I might have a longer-than-usual Saturday session there. Happy Saturday. Get out there and enjoy this weather! Perfect for patio dining and drinking!