The Intimidator

So, last night I played poker at the Blind Bear. I didn’t win. However, post-game I had the most enlightening conversation with one of my opponents.

She told me she doesn’t care about Memphis. She doesn’t need anyone or anything here. Then she told me that I use my blog to intimidate people. That’s why I write my blog, she explained. To intimidate. Not to inform. I stay in control of Memphis by intimidation. But she’s way smarter than me and she’s going to use those smarts to take control away from me. Then she’ll be in control of Memphis. Even though she doesn’t care about Memphis.

Then she called over one of the owners of the bar and asked to have me thrown out. I hadn’t done anything wrong, she admitted, but she has tits & ass and I don’t and she wanted to exercise that power, as an example of how she plans to take control away from me. Her request was denied.

* pats conversation partner on head *

You’re so cute.

Voting starts at 1 PM in the Memphis Business Journal BBQ Brackets. Readers will be able to vote on each matchup in a 64-restaurant bracket to see who advances. The top four seeds are Corky’s, Tops, Central BBQ, and Rendezvous. Top seeds were selected according to the MBJ’s Book of Lists according to number of employees. You can vote the MBJ website. I predict that two of the top four seeds (Corky’s and Rendezvous) won’t make it to the Sweet Sixteen.

South of Beale will be closed today. They are cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms. The restaurant will reopen tomorrow for lunch.

Historian Jimmy Ogle will give a free South Main tour tomorrow at 11:45 AM. Meet at the Chisca Hotel, Main at Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd., if you want to join.

If you’re a fan of the TV show Seinfeld, you can put your knowledge to use and win some prizes Wednesday night. Kevin Cerrito hosts Seinfeld trivia at Tamp & Tap at 7.

I hope I have sufficiently intimidated you today. My plans for after work are to hit happy hour at Bardog and intimidate Melissa. Then I will walk over to Flying Saucer and intimidate the girls behind the bar into giving me Dos Equis Lager with extra limes for only $3 a pint. Might engage in some intimidation at the Blind Bear too. If YOU want to be intimidated, come join me!