Halloween costume? Check. Plus restaurant news

I didn’t think I was going to come up with a Halloween costume for this year. Something scary? Something spooky? Something icky? I couldn’t decide. Then yesterday, on my day off, I was watching TV at the Flying Saucer when inspiration hit. I contacted Josh who has the T-shirt printing business in the basement of Winfield’s, and explained what I wanted. “I can do that Paulie,” Josh replied. The costume will require two accessories, one of which I can print myself, and the other will require a trip to Kroger. Not going to tell you exactly what it is, but I have certainly provided some hints here.

And no, I’m not dressing up as a Saucer girl, in case anyone was worrying about that.

Crap. I just realized, to do the costume properly, I will need to hold a prop in each hand (although one of the props will be released at times). How am I going to hold a beer too?

For those of you who had been asking if Downtown Dining Week would be coming back, the answer is YES it will. It will be the week of November 16-22 (my birthday week!) with many restaurants offering $10.14 lunch specials and $20.14 dinner specials. Holly has a list of participating restaurants. Let me repeat my advice one more year: If there is a particular restaurant at which you would like to dine that week, DO NOT DELAY calling and making reservations. The most popular restaurants’ reservations will fill up weeks before DDW begins.

One of the DDW restaurants, Rizzo’s Diner, is moving to a bigger space. Chef Michael Patrick announced this week that Rizzo’s will be moving around the corner to 492 South Main. I believe that’s the old Cafe Soul location. The move will add more space for tables, a bigger kitchen, and a bar. I know that there are some South Mainers who are very excited about the bar.

Shorty took the Silly Goose’s pasta bar for a second test run yesterday. Isn’t this a nice-looking bowl of pasta he made me?

Photo Oct 14, 4 57 37 PM

I got sausage, onions, black olives, and bell peppers over pasta with a red meat sauce. They also have a marinara sauce if you want a red sauce without meat. I’ll have details soon on when the pasta bar is in regular operation and what the price will be.

Back at work after a 4-day weekend. Monday I was hanging out at the Blind Bear with Jason. Today I am populating data tables with JSON. Pays the bills though. Happy hump day everyone. I’ll be out for dranks at the Silly Goose about 5:30.