Do we need a Downtown stylebook? Plus Wednesday news

As longtime readers know, I am not a fan of the AP Stylebook at all and do not follow it on my blog. I think it is overly picky about things like the Oxford comma, and just plain wrong in some instances (for example, calling a handbill a “flier” rather than a “flyer”). However, sometimes I wonder if we need a local Stylebook. For example:

– Griz or Grizz as a shortened version of the Memphis Grizzlies name? (For the record, I prefer two z’s)
– Bluefin or Blue Fin? Seen it spelled both ways.
– South Main Trolley Tour or South Main Trolley Night? I’ve seen both although Trolley Night seems to be the SMA’s preference recently. Or should we even include the word Trolley at all, given that they aren’t running?
– And how the hell do you capitalize the Creole restaurant on Main? DeJaVu? DejaVu? Dejavu? Seen all three, used all three on my blog at times.

Question for my readers who write for the MBJ, Daily News, Flyer or other publications – do you have a standards document to follow for confusing local names?

Last night I played poker at the Blind Bear, and Clay and Ugly from the Mad Earl joined the game. I had blogged about Burlesque Bingo last week, which happens at the Earl Thursdays at 8 PM, but I didn’t make it last Thursday. “You need to come,” Clay told me. “The place gets packed.” So apparently Burlesque Bingo is really popular. How did I not hear about it until two weeks ago?

You know, besides Burlesque Bingo, there’s $2 PBR at the Mad Earl. Why am I not spending more time there? Seems like about two years ago, I got set in my ways always going to the same four bars – Bardog, Blind Bear, Saucer, Goose – and have ignored other places that have opened that are really good.

Tonight at 7 PM is the Flying Saucer’s annual Beerknurd Calendar Release Party. Members of the Saucer’s UFO Club submit pictures of themselves doing stuff in Saucer attire, and one photo from each of the Saucer’s 16 locations makes the cut. Come early, because the calendars will be gone quickly by January or February maybe.

Yesterday I mentioned a new gallery called The Loony Bin at 8 South Main. They have a Facebook page if you want to “Like” them and get their updates.’s extended outlook has lows in the mid 30s Halloween night as well as Saturday. That’s not good, considering a T-shirt (that I don’t want to be covered up) is the major piece of my Halloween costume! Nor is it good because there will be fewer slutty female costumes out. Saturday’s forecast high in the 50s is not good either, because I have an outdoor event, Memphis Farmers Market Barnyard Ball, to attend. (By the way, I have an extra ticket. Who’s going with me? Too bad the Nuh-Uh Girl is no longer in town. She’d be all over some free food.)

Fireball has been pulled from store shelves in two European countries because it doesn’t meet government standards. Wow, I drank that stuff for three years. I hope I didn’t permanently damage my body.

(Kirk is probably doing an “I told you so” dance right now)

Go Grizzlies in the season opener tonight. I’m not going to the game but will be watching it on TV at one of my favorite watering holes. Outta here for now…