Tipping 101 and Thursday news

(Administrative note: Today’s lunchtime post is a little late going up thanks to GoDaddy and its stupid 500 Internal Server Errors. Thank goodness I had a draft saved.)

Yesterday evening I was at one of my favorite after-work watering holes. A woman came up to the bar and ordered $20.50 worth of food for herself and her friends. When the food arrived, I watched in astonishment as she handed the bartender a 20, then proceeded to fish around in her change purse for two quarters.

Do you think bartending is volunteer work?

Do you think you don’t have to tip because the bartender didn’t mix you a drink?

The bare minimum I would have left would have been $24, which would be about a 17% tip. However, since I am a regular at this particular bar and the bartender is a friend of mine, I would have been inclined to leave something more like $27.
The bartender makes $2.13 an hour. There’s no law saying you HAVE to tip, but not doing so is in extremely poor taste.

The Cotton Museum will hold an artist talk with Lisa McCord this evening from 5:30 to 7:30. She will discuss her two new books of photography, Osceola and Highway 61. Free to the public and there will be refreshments and snacks.

Memphis is a finalist for the location of the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame. Get on Facebook and show your support for our city and tell the people in charge that the Hall of Fame needs to be here.

Jay Sieleman will step down as the head of the Blues Foundation in 2015. Jay has done an incredible job increasing awareness of the foundation and the blues. His successor will have big shoes to fill.

Matt Mullenweg is the head guy at WordPress, the CMS used to publish this blog and 23% of websites worldwide. WordPress was my BBQ team’s sponsor from 2009-13, and I still check out his blog from time to time. He blogged an interesting fact this week: No More Platinum. Not one artist’s album has gone platinum in 2014. How the music industry has changed.

The MBJ has an update on Bass Pro construction progress at the Pyramid. The project is on-time (for once), and a new glass skywalk has been announced similar to the one at the Grand Canyon. There will be a restaurant and an aquarium inside the skywalk.

Restricting myself to a York peppermint patty for lunch today so I can talk to Shorty about a bowl of pasta after work. I’ll be out about 5:30 and we’ll see where the evening takes me. Possibly coming tomorrow: A sneak preview of my new book. We’re having an office cookout tomorrow for lunch so I probably won’t be doing my Friday update post until mid-afternoon.