Halloween update

Usually I do a post the week before Halloween announcing what parties are happening on what nights… but with Halloween on Friday this year, there’s no need. Damn near everyone is having a Halloween party tonight. Just take a look at the Downtown Memphis newsletter to see what your options are.

There are a couple of FedExForum Groupons that may be of interest. One is to go see the Grizzlies play a home game. There are four different games and two different options to choose from.

The other FedExForum Groupon is for the Harlem Globetrotters on Saturday, January 10. There are three different ticket options.

The Mid-South Heart Walk is tomorrow morning, so allow extra time if you have to drive the streets of Downtown.

Last night, an angry crowd told city leaders that they want Riverside Drive converted back to four lanes of car traffic. The city proposed four alternate plans for Riverside. I was neutral on the Riverside issue until I took it home from work one day and was caught in a traffic jam that extended south from Beale almost all the way to Georgia. Since then I’ve sided with the “give us our four lanes back” crowd.

Normally I don’t promote anything that happens in Germantown, but India Fest, tomorrow from 10 to 6, is worth a drive out there. One of the lucky side effects about getting my Master’s in Computer Science is that I met a lot of Indians and got exposed to their culture and especially their delicious food. Pot-luck holiday parties with Indians were the best.

From Gizmodo: A court fined Google $2000 for using a cleavage shot of a woman that the company took with one of its StreetView cameras. She told the court she suffered “extreme emotional trauma” because of the image. Are you fucking kidding me?

They’re letting us go at 3 today, so I’ll be out for the full Happy Hour doing the Ickey Shuffle with my cold cuts. I hear I might be made famous later tonight, so I’ll be staying out late.