Dancing bunnies and Monday news

You never know what’s going to happen on Sunday Fun Day in Downtown Memphis. Yesterday I led off the day at Bardog. One of the regulars there had dressed up as a bunny for Halloween. He brought the bunny suit and people took turns putting it on. There are large wooden stairs by the window right now, that were used for people to climb up on the bar for the Halloween costume contest. They haven’t been taken back to storage yet and people got up on the steps and danced, in the bunny suit, in the window. I can’t imagine what tourists thought as they walked by. Maybe every bar in the city should get a dancing bunny. It could be a Memphis thang.

After the bunny crowd left Bardog, I saw a friend of mine check in at Silly Goose, commenting, “Bardog puked and it landed on the Goose,” so I guess that was their next stop.

I’ll be at Bardog this evening for Melissa Monday (happy hour with Melissa), but I’ll be there for an additional reason as well: To see who wins the bike.

Bardog is giving away a New Belgium Fat Tire bike tonight. Since early September, an entry in the drawing has come with each purchase of a Fat Tire. Tonight is the drawing.

Photo Nov 02, 11 04 28 AM

Stumbling Santa has been announced for Saturday, December 6. This is an enormous pub crawl that happens every yea
r to collect toys and money for Porter-Leath. Over 1000 people dress up as Santa and stumble around from one Downtown bar to another all evening. Want to be part of it? Put on your Santa suit (or Mrs. Claus, reindeer, whatever) and bring one or more toys to the Flying Saucer at 7 PM. The Saucer will be the starting and ending point of the crawl; other stops to be announced.

Kinda funny… Grizzlies rookie Jordan Adams missed trick-or-treating because there was a game on Halloween. He tweeted that he hoped someone saved him some candy, and got a response from owner Robert Pera.

The Memphis Business Journal’s BBQ Brackets are down to the Swinal Four. Two of the round of eight matchups were very, very close to a 50-50 tie.

Time to get back to work. I’ll be out at Melissa Monday and Pint Nite at the Saucer after work.