Majestic Grille gift card sale next month and other news

We are now within a month of a much-anticipated day Downtown: The Majestic Grille half-price gift card sale. On Wednesday, December 3, you will be able to buy $50 Majestic gift cards for $25. You can buy as many as you want. There are a couple of restrictions: They can’t be used to purchase alcohol, and you can’t use them until after the first of the year. More info here. The cards will be on sale from 8 AM until they run out. PRO TIP: Call in to work, tell them you’re running late, and go in at 8 AM. There’s a chance the cards will run out by lunch hour, and it’s likely they will by the end of the business day. If you can’t be late for work, find someone who will be going to the sale that morning, and have them purchase the cards for you.

The Grizzlies won another one last night, getting off to a 4-0 start for the first time in franchise history. From Bleacher Report: The Grizzlies are the NBA’s most dangerous dark horse. It’s sure looking that way. If they keep up this level of play, Mike Conley, Z-bo, and Gasol could all make it to this season’s All-Star Game.

Meanwhile, the Memphis Tigers football team is just one win away from becoming bowl-eligible. The Tigers play Temple Saturday and are favored to win.

The Orpheum is adding a high-end sound system. It’s the first upgrade to the theater’s sound system since 1983.

From Lifehacker: Tips from a former server on how to get the best service in a restaurant. Most of these are common sense but a lot of people don’t do them.

After a second-place finish and $20 gift card won Sunday night, I will be back at Blind Bear poker tonight at 8 to try and do even better. I doubt tonight will be as interesting as Sunday’s game was though. I will do a little pre-gaming at Flying Saucer and Silly Goose beforehand to get in the right state of mind to play. Time to go run errands, so I’m outta here for now. Possibly a second news post tonight before I get out.