Flying Saucer to tap rare beers for International Stout Day and other Wednesday news

Tomorrow is International Stout Day, a worldwide celebration of that particular style of beer. The Flying Saucer will be pouring rare beers in observance of this beer holiday. Here’s what will be on the menu:

Photo Nov 04, 5 47 33 PM

The Orpheum is currently running an online auction, but it ends tomorrow, so if you want anything better get in there quick and bid.

Work on the Harahan Bridge is about to commence. The bridge, which spans across the Mississippi River, is a railroad bridge built about 100 years ago. Lanes were added on the sides to accommodate vehicular traffic until the I-55 bridge was completed after World War II. Construction will renovate the lanes for bike and pedestrian traffic as part of the Main-to-Main project connecting Memphis’ Main Street with West Memphis’ Broadway. On Monday, there will be a celebration at 2 PM at the Church of the River on Virginia Avenue near the bridge. Paul Morris who runs DMC and others will speak.

I want to give a shout-out to a poker game Downtown that I don’t mention enough on this blog: The Wednesday 7:30 game in the Underdog Room (downstairs) at Bardog. People have asked why I don’t play that game much; it isn’t anything against Bardog or poker host Joe, who from what I hear does an excellent job. It’s just that I have a regular bartender I go see at the Silly Goose on Wednesdays. Bardog’s game is free to play and the game usually gets over in two to two and a half hours, giving players who have 8-to-5 jobs plenty of time to get a full night’s sleep. You don’t have to worry about it lasting past midnight the way some games Downtown do. There are weekly prizes and points toward a league final table.

Felicia Suzanne’s will host Banjos & Bonfires on Friday, November 14. The event honors Felicia’s dad, J.W. Willett, who managed to beat cancer and lived cancer-free for several years. It came back, however, and he passed away October 3, 2008. There will be beers, bourbon and bites on the patio for the event. Guests are invited to wear flannel and grow out their beards. Best flannel, beard, and mustache will win prizes. Tickets are $50. Proceeds from the event will go to the Church Health Center. One ticket will cover the cost of two prostate exams.

From High Ground News: Harbor Town Turns 25. Did you know that there was once a proposal for the I-240 loop to go through what is now Harbor Town?

That’s it for now. I’ll be out at the Silly Goose after work eating a bowl of Shorty’s pasta.