Day-after-New-Year’s news

On the morning of New Year’s Day, there was a wreck on Riverside Drive involving an 18-wheeler. The truck driver was reportedly drunk, and as he traveled north on Riverside, he hit a car and went 50 feet off the road into Tom Lee Park, knocking down posts and trees. According to the Shelby County Jail website, he is charged with DUI, failure to exercise due care, possession of an open container, public intoxication, reckless driving, and two counts of refusal to submit to a blood alcohol test. Mayor Wharton says that it may be time to revisit the issue of Riverside Drive, which has been reduced to two lanes since late spring, with the other two lanes for bikes and runners. I agree, it is time to revisit it, and admit that maybe this was a mistake and Riverside needs to be restored to four lanes.

By the way, I take Riverside to work every morning so I am well familiar with the road. Now and then I see oncoming cars lurch across the center line due to drivers being half awake, talking on their phones, whatever the reason. I’ve never been hit but there have been times when it has been a bit scary.

I’d be interested in hearing the other side from people who bike and run on Riverside. Are there things you do on Riverside that you wouldn’t be able to do elsewhere if the street reverted to four lanes? Shoot me your thoughts at

Nikki of Nikki’s Hot Ass Seasoning was on WREG Live at 9 yesterday with a demo of how to cook ribs using only two ingredients. Nikki noted that a lot of people add liquid to pork. “Don’t do that,” she said, noting that pork produces plenty of moisture on its own as she cooks. The only two ingredients you need, she said, are the ribs themselves and a seasoning such as Nikki’s Hot Ass Seasoning. She also discussed Nikki’s Hot Ass Bloody Mary Mix.

On a side note, I love being an independent blogger. I don’t have to type “Nikki’s Hot A**” out of fear that I might offend someone.

I wonder if Nikki would change her mind about liquid if she tasted the mustard sauce Squeal Street BBQ puts on their grilled ribs?

As planned, I slept through New Year’s Eve and got up and made it to Bardog yesterday for its 8 AM opening time on New Year’s Day. It wasn’t as wild as I thought it might be. I wondered if people would stumble over from Purple Haze, usually the last bar Downtown to close. However, no one did. I guess it was too far a walk. People showed up but no one was acting crazy.

One of the other regulars gave me a gift of 1988 baseball cards. It’s hard to believe those cards are 27 years old. “Go ahead, open them up, see what you got. Maybe you have some Hall of Famers in there. Just don’t chew the gum.” I found a Paul Molitor card, and there was a card featuring the three shortstops of the 1987 All-Star Game, one of which was Cal Ripken Jr. There was also an insert about the midget who played one game for the St. Louis Browns in 1951 and wore the number 1/8.

The same regular explained to me why he sets goals for himself but does not make New Year’s resolutions. “I’m not that guy. That guy fails. I’m this guy. This guy wins,” he explained.

It was too early for any sports to be on, and they had one TV tuned to the Spanish-language channel. I guess the cooks were watching TV before the place opened. Random thing I learned: There’s a Hispanic version of “Lily” from the AT&T commercials. The Hispanic version is not nearly as hot as Lily.

Local brewery Wiseacre has a beer at Bardog called Gotta Getup to Get Down. That’s one of the best beer names I have ever heard. It’s a coffee stout.

Speaking of coffee: If you haven’t been to the Silly Goose in a few months, there’s a new shot there called “Joe” that has surpassed even Fireball in popularity. It’s a homemade shot with coffee and vodka. I am not a coffee drinker so I have not tried it, but my friends love it, so if you are into coffee you might want to give it a try.

Photographer Frank Chin and the Flyer have a slideshow of New Year’s Eve on Beale. Also, the Peabody has posted Peabody NYE pics.

Today Show’s Money has an article about outrageous Uber charges on New Year’s Eve. Yet another reason to stay home on Amateur Night. I’ve heard a few NYE stories from my friends who did go out, but they probably shouldn’t go on the blog.

The actress who played Elly May on the Beverly Hillbillies has passed away. In other hillbilly news, the Tennessee Vols play in the TaxSlayer Bowl today at 2:20.

Time to go out and watch the second half of the Alamo Bowl. Currently it is the third quarter and the Houston Cougars are losing to Pittsburgh. My planned running order is Blind Bear first stop, Flying Saucer about 3, Silly Goose around 4 is anyone else if off today and wants to meet up. Back tomorrow with more news.