Here’s my Friday update post on Saturday morning. Thanks GoDaddy

I had a nice long post ready to go yesterday at lunchtime, but I never moved my hosting off GoDaddy and the server was being a little bitch so I couldn’t post. Is it time to make the move? GoDaddy is bad. They’re not Comcast/Xfinity bad, they’re not Delta Airlines bad, they’re not MATA bad, but they’re not good. Plus a lot of my friends who are dog owners are pissed off about their Super Bowl commercial. I don’t have any pets so I have no dog in this hunt (probably a poor choice of words there) but it’s not good that so many of my friends are upset with my hosting provider.

By the way, if you want a permanent canine companion or even a temporary one, talk to the folks at Streetdog Foundation. They do good work.

Here’s yesterday post as is. It should have had a 1 PM 1/30/15 timestamp, so “today” means yesterday and “tomorrow” means today.


The Grizzlies game tomorrow night will have more than just wrestling belts for the first 3000 fans in the door (doors open 5 PM, no early entry for MVPs this time so everyone has an equal chance to get a belt). There will be wrestling luminaries in attendance. Dave Brown tweeted that the longtime hosts of Memphis wrestling, himself and Lance Russell, will be in attendance. Also there, Dave said, will be Jerry “The King” Lawler and 16-time NWA, WCW, and WWE champion “Nature Boy” Ric Flair.

Wait, what?

The kiss-stealin’, wheelin’-dealin’, Lear jet-flying, limousine-ridin’ son of a gun is going to be there?


There’s a “Baby Hold on to Me” musical tonight at the Cannon Center at 8 tonight, celebrating the life of soul singer, songwriter and producer Gerald Levert.

Garden Path at 597 Madison will host a workshop on mosaics tomorrow from 1 to 4. Learn about cutting tile and glass, as well as about adhesives, grouting, and substrates. You’ll be given everything you need to create a small project, and you can buy enough to make a larger project if you wish. $50 fee for the class.

If you want to be a mentor, here’s a link where you can sign up for the Grizzlies’ TEAM UP program.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has a civilian deckhand position open.

The Church Health Center is hiring an audit and control specialist.

The Brass Door is going to have a $15 tailgate buffet and $12 buckets of Bud and Bud Light Sunday for the Super Bowl.

Ghost River Brewing’s dock at Main and Crump is open until 6 today and 3 tomorrow for your Super Bowl needs.

From Choose901: Plans have been revealed for renovating the historic Toof Building at 195 Madison.

This 5-day work week feels like it has lasted about 9 days. Ready for the weekend. No significant plans but I’ll be out somewhere after work.


Saturday 8:44 AM: Okay, that’s the “Friday update” post. I just woke up and went to City Market for a sausage biscuit and liter Mountain Dew. Let me look around and see if there’s enough news to warrant a Saturday post.