Winter Weather Advisory, new website and menu for Max’s Sports Bar, and a ton more Sunday news

Rizzo’s Diner has announced that it will be open this week, with its first dinner service tomorrow beginning at 5 PM. They don’t have their liquor license yet, so for the time being they will be BYOB. They will have liquor and wine soon, and will have Wiseacre on tap by this coming weekend. “Like” Rizzo’s on Facebook to keep up with the latest news.

Max’s Sports Bar has a new website and expanded menu. I knew they had a lot of TVs, but I didn’t realize the ratio was one flat screen to every three seats. Max absolutely nailed the description of his bar – it’s more than just a sports bar, it’s a hub for South Main residents and one of the friendliest bars in the entire city. As for the menu, Max has retained customer favorites like the BBQ nachos, the lunchroom pizza, and the wings. He has added 10 subs, made with Boar’s Head meats. There’s also a “build your own sub” option.

We have ANOTHER Winter Weather Advisory and could see up to an inch of snow 7 PM-3 AM tonight. The blog has the details. I’m getting really tired of this stuff and am ready for March.

Interesting animated graphic from NPR: The most common job in every state 1978-2014. As a software developer, I would find a lot of jobs in Virginia, Colorado, Utah, and Washington.

Normally I don’t link to items from girl magazines but a friend of mine posted this to Facebook yesterday and it’s pretty awesome: 30 signs you’re a lucky girl dating a simple guy. This article is spot on. Guys who get jealous of their girlfriend’s friends, and who don’t give their girlfriends the time and space to pursue her own interests, are losers and douchebags.

GREAT High Ground News article (but then, has there every been such a thing as a bad High Ground news article? I don’t think so) about the Tennessee Brewery and the second round of Brewery Untapped. I’m very happy to hear that whatever is done with the brewery building, Billy Orgel plans to seek local input and make sure the use of the building is a good fit for the surrounding neighborhood.

Wow, I did not know this: According to this map, I could get in my car and drive to Appalachia in less than an hour.

Best Memphis Burger Fest has posted its charitable grant application form. Check it out if you run a charity that you think would be a good fit to benefit from the burger festival.

One of my Facebook friends posted a photo of kim chee fried rice from the Kiwk Check in Midtown. Wow. That would be worth a drive out there. Kim chee, like sriracha, is one of those universal condiments that makes everything better.

On another food-related topic, I ate at Bluefin recently and thought to myself, “You know, it’s time I tried something not on the sushi menu.” So instead of three rolls like I usually get, I got two rolls and crawfish fritters. Those were the best fried crawfish I have ever put in my mouth, even better than the ones Sleep Out Louie’s used to serve. Definite recommendation to try them if you like fried seafood.

I really want to post a Moody Ques team update, but I want to get with our team vice-president first and make sure I have my talking points correct. Hopefully I will get to do that today and will have a post tomorrow about the 2015 BBQ team. By the way, I ran into a member of the PorkOsaurus BBQ team yesterday and talked BBQ with him for a few minutes. That is one of the most fun things about being on a team – talking to people from other teams and learning what they do. Take a look at their Facebook page. If you click “See More” on the right you will see a team roster listing every member and even the associate members. That sends a message that every team member is important. I like it. Perhaps my team could take some time to church up our Facebook presence a bit.

It’s time for Sunday Fun Day! It will be the usual routine: Brunch with Bloom at Bardog at 11, D-RANKS with B-RAD at the Bear at 1. The WWE Fastlane pay-per-view is tonight so I will not be playing poker this evening. I think there may be some kind of awards ceremony tonight but I really couldn’t care less. Time to hit Publish and begin my Sunday workout of lifting a beer mug over and over again.