Next year Paul Morris won’t be able to say “I Run DMC” anymore. Plus Saturday news

Yesterday afternoon, Paul Morris who runs DMC posted this:

I love my job running DMC, but I’ve decided this is the year to move on. Later this year I’ll be joining the family business, Jack Morris Auto Glass. I look forward to finishing strong this year at DMC and then running and growing a small business.

I’ve known Paul ever since he was my neighbor across the hall in Number 10. I’m very happy to hear that he has new ventures about which he is excited, but damn, Downtown Memphis Commission is losing a good man. After Paul’s presidency and Jeff Sanford before him, whoever is chosen to run DMC next is going to have some mighty big shoes to fill. As Paul himself says, it’s tricky. Thank you Paul for your years of service. Downtown is a better place because of the work you have done. The Memphis Daily News has an article in which Paul explains why he’s stepping down.

Paul’s resignation was not the only one we learned of yesterday. Memphis Symphony Orchestra conductor Mei-Ann Chen plans to step down after the 2015-16 season. The orchestra performs the works of Mozart, Gershwin and Rachmaninoff tonight at the Cannon Center.

Last month I told you about my “DAWG” John D’s subscription to Loot Crate, from which he gets a gift box full of random goodies for geeks once a month. Well, there’s a pet version that is similar to that service, called PetPack, and there’s a Groupon deal going on for it right now. You provide basic information about your dog, cat or other pet, and once a month the pet will receive a care package full of all-natural treats, toys, and grooming products. $19 for a one-month subscription, $49 for a three-month with the deal.

A man died during the Grizzlies game last night. No foul play was involved.

If you’re thinking about going to the March 14 Santana concert at the Orpheum, you’re going to have to hit the black market. The theater announced yesterday that tickets are sold out.

The Mid-South Food Bank pinned its 12 most needed items yesterday: Peanut butter, cereal, tuna, beans, rice, mac & cheese, chili, canned stews, canned soup, canned lunch meat, full meals in a box or can, and pop top food items. If you don’t feel like going grocery shopping, a cash donation will work too, and the donation’s purchasing power will multiply thanks to the food bank’s partnerships.

If you wish you could attend the Calvary Lenten Series but can’t because you work too far from Downtown, the series’ preaching archive is online. Unfortunately it isn’t possible to download the waffles too.

The Memphis Tigers host Tulsa in their final home game of the season tonight at FedExForum at 7.

As my friend Marc would ask, “PAUL, WHAT DAY IS THIS?????” It’s Saturday and that means it’s a day for DRANKS. Well, every day is a day for dranks, but Saturday especially. Panda time at Bardog at 11, then over to the Bear 1-1:30ish (give or take) to see my favorite pair of librarian glasses. Undecided where I will watch the Arkansas-Kentucky game at 3. It’s time to CALL THOSE HOGS!!!