Downtown smells like vomit, plus Tuesday news

I’m hearing multiple reports that Downtown Memphis smells like vomit right now, particularly around the City Hall area.

Good news for those who have to drive on Memphis streets: The city is buying 10 snow plow blades to use on the streets starting next winter. Total cost will be about $100,000. The blades won’t be here in time for tomorrow’s predicted winter storm.

Some more good news, too: The forecast extended outlook for March 10-16 shows temperatures above average, and precipitation well below average. In other words, not like the past three weeks! Normal temperatures for that time span are 62-64 highs and 42-44 lows. Maybe we’ll get some 70 degree temps.

Author Craig David Meek discussed Memphis’ most underrated BBQ spots with the First We Feast site.

This sounds yummy: Bake tater tots in peppers for a quick, delicious snack

The Grizzlies play Utah at FedExForum tonight, 7 PM.

You can volunteer with the Coast Guard for a Spring Emergency Response exercise Monday, April 22 4-7 PM.

The Church Health Center has a dental assistant position open.

The redevelopers of the Tennessee Brewery have been granted a variance to build 150 apartment units. The normal limit in the South Main area is 55.

Looking at the hourly forecast on WeatherBug to figure out my attire for this evening. Here is the Paul Ryburn Fashion Guide in case you didn’t know:

Temperature above 38 – Flip-flops
Wind chill above 48 – PBR hoodie and shorts
Wind chill above 60 – T-shirt and shorts
Shirt with collar – Only when absolutely necessary
Tie – Only for job interviews, Halloween, and Blind Bear speakeasy parties
Outfit a female tells me I am wearing – laugh and put on different outfit

The wind chills this evening, believe it or not, fall in the T-shirt and shorts category. Not sure if I believe it, so I may bring along one of my Pink Pig fleeces just in case. Out at the usual spots after work. I probably will play poker tonight at 8 at the Blind Bear.