So yeah, you remember how I said I was going to the parade for sure? Yeah guess what.

How many times in this blog have I said I am definitely, positively going to go to an event and then not gone? Quite a few, I think. Add one to the list as of yesterday.

I said I was going to go to the Beale Street St. Patrick’s Day parade. However, the Arkansas-Georgia game started at 2:25, 35 minutes before the parade. I was at the Blind Bear and dammit, Bobby Portis and Michael Qualls are just so much fun to watch. I decided I would watch until halftime, then walk down to the parade. So I ordered another PBR from my favorite pair of librarian glasses, who talked me into a couple of Fireball shots as well. And then my fangirl showed up. I haven’t seen my fangirl since January 3, but we’re Facebook friends and she is one of the coolest, most interesting people I know. And she’s beautiful. And single, although she wouldn’t be if I had anything to say about it. ;-) Once my fangirl showed up, I had little interest in the parade. I hope it went well and I hope Bones didn’t get hit in the head with a cabbage this year.

Arkansas beat Georgia to advance to the SEC tournament finals. The Hogs play Kentucky at noon today, and that is going to force a change in my schedule. Blind Bear is my preferred place to watch sports in the Downtown core, so I am going to lead off with D-RANKS with B-RAD at 11. I don’t think Colin, Jeannette, and Jamie intended to own one of the best sports bars in the city when they opened their speakeasy, but that’s what happened. By the way, 3 days of St. Pat’s drink specials begin today at the Bear at 11.

There’s a restaurant called Twisted RAnCh opening in St. Louis in which every menu item is either served with ranch dressing on the side, tossed in ranch dressing, or spread with ranch. Menu items are as diverse as lasagna, mac & cheese, and flatbread. Also, the restaurant has 18 different varieties of homemade ranch.

There’s a Groupon for custom bobbleheads going on right now. If you are a Silly Goose regular, go up there and ask to see the bobbleheads made of Daniel, Backey, and Jeff. The Backey one is particularly on point, even the hat.

Last night I had a BBQ teammate hand me dues for the team, and I didn’t want to be carrying it around all night so I walked home. I had the pleasure of riding up the elevator with two awesome Downtowners who got engaged minutes before I ran into them. He showed me her left hand. “I like it, so I put a ring on it,” he said. Good job, and congratulations to both of you.

Reading a bio of Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas and am so incredibly embarrassed for my home state. When I was growing up, we elected statesmen like Dale Bumpers and David Pryor, and of course a guy who went on to spend 8 years in the White House. Now Arkansas his this fool representing them. What the hell happened?

Time to get started on those D-RANKS. No Fireball today.