Second Wednesday update

Before I get to the local news in this post, I have to file this one under the “people never cease to amaze me” department: Man creates GoFundMe account to pay to travel go on spring break with his girlfriend, to make sure that she doesn’t cheat on him while she is away. Why would he even bother being with someone who he is so sure would cheat? And why would the girl stay with a man who thinks so little of her that he assumes she cheats? I don’t get people. If I didn’t trust someone, I wouldn’t be in a relationship with her, no matter how hot she is.

This Saturday, the Metal Museum will have a Cosmic Trunk show from 10 to 5. The artisan market will feature an array of jewelry, housewares and sculpture by artists affiliated with Tennessee Craft-Southwest. The Stick’em food truck will be on hand, and there will be a cash bar. Free to attend.

Bikes and Beers, a fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis, will depart from the Flying Saucer Sunday, April 12. For $10 you can join a bicycle ride along the Mississippi River and Main Street. There will be a poker run with great prizes, and afterward you can have a pint at the Saucer. Registration at 11, departure at 12. The event is sponsored by Yazoo Brewery.

Another meeting has been set to discuss the future of Riverside Drive. None of the options to be discussed include a return to four lanes.

There’s a job opportunity at Youth Villages for a Family Intervention Specialist.

High Ground News reports that four of the University of Memphis’ graduate programs rank among the best in the nation.

I found an article about the tech support scam I told you to warn elderly relatives about. Someone from India calls, claiming to be a Microsoft employee. They say they will “fix” (actually, install malware) on your computer if you will Western Union them $99 (actually rings up as $207). Don’t fall for this.

Related, here’s another good anti-scam article: Five things banks will never ask online

Home after work. Just ran into my former leasing manager on the elevator, and she told me I haven’t been very active on Facebook lately. I haven’t???? I’ll try to do better. Maybe I’m more active in the summer months, when it’s tube top weather. Anyway, I’m out, heading to the Goose for some happy hour PBR.