Wednesday update

I came home to a nice surprise yesterday. Someone had left a green shamrock PBR headband and wristband on my front door. THANK YOU! I wore them last night.

I was quickly reminded why St. Pat’s is not exactly my favorite holiday: The bars get way too crowded. I led off at Bardog, where Panda had apparently taken an old Flying Saucer schoolgirl skirt and washed it in scalding hot water to shrink it. I had a couple of green PBRs.

From there I walked over to the Silly Goose. It was almost 7 by this point and the bar, while I would not yet call it packed, was too busy for one bartender. They probably should have had their 7:30 person come in at 6. Besides, all the seats at the bar were taken. Never knew Bob had a human bobblehead for a twin. I moved on to Blind Bear, where Hanin and my favorite pair of librarian glasses were dressed up in green outfits. The librarian glasses put a Jameson necklace on me, but I felt it diluted my PBR brand so I took it off after a while. They moved poker back to 6:30 so it could get done before the live music started. It was hard for the poker players to get to the restroom quickly after folding an unwanted hand because Bob’s twin kept getting in the way in the aisle. I left before the live music started because it got too crowded. Early night and I’m fine with that.

On to the news. The Rolling Stones are said to be coming to Tennessee this year, although not Memphis. They will play LP Field in Nashville.

Redbirds single-game tickets for 2015 will go on sale beginning this Saturday. Box office hours are 10-6 weekdays, 10-3 Saturday, closed Sunday. Tickets for all regular-season games will be on sale, as well as for the April 3 exhibition against the St. Louis Cardinals. Tickets for that game are $40 for Club Level seats, $35 for Dugout, $25 for Field Box, and $15 for Bluff seating. First pitch at 6:05.

The Weather Channel published a list of cities to avoid if you have bad allergies. Memphis is number 2. Number 1 was Louisville. I have never been to Louisville, but I went to Lexington frequently when I had my traveling corporate trainer job, and let me tell you, my allergies have never been worse than when I was there.

Spot, the most famous and adored dog in kids’ literature, is coming to the Orpheum Friday, April 10 at 6:30. Come early for Spot-inspired pre-show activities. Recommended for kids 3 and up.

Usual spots after work. Undecided whether I will play Bardog poker this evening.

From FiveThirtyEight: Why 5 seeds are jinxed. Not good news for my Razorbacks. I have seen a lot of brackets that have Wofford picked to upset the Hogs tomorrow night. I really hope there is no upset, because I really feel like Arkansas can beat the winner of North Carolina/Harvard.