14 is the new 12: Second Thursday update

That is what one of my Facebook friends posted after two 3 seeds, Iowa State and Baylor, exited the NCAA tournament at the hands of 14 seeds this afternoon. Considering Arkansas is a 5 seed, I hope the old 12 is not the new 12 tonight.

From the @FantasyShirley (Raines) Twitter account: “It is clear that the @Big12Conference doesn’t need us to make it a disappointment.” Ha.

A Facebook event has been created for April 11’s MEMfix event in the Pinch. Sounds like fun. Food trucks, new retail pop-up shops in vacant storefronts, art, live music, kids’ activities, community resource stations.

Dogs missing just south of Downtown, stolen from a yard near the Metal Museum:

This does not surprise me. From the MBJ: Want to hire better employees? See which browser they use to surf the web. Those who use Chrome and Firefox have been found to stay at their jobs longer and perform better than those who use the system defaults, IE on Windows and Safari on Mac. I would have to agree with this. Great people use Chrome and Firefox. Average people use IE and Safari. Clueless people use the default browser that comes with an AOL subscription.

College juniors/seniors: The Redbirds have a marketing internship available.

Barack Obama would like to see changes to college basketball, including a 30-second shot clock (down from 35 today), a 3-point line closer to the NBA’s, and a wider lane like the NBA has. Republicans did not previously have a position on the shot clock but I’m sure they’ll issue a statement soon lobbying for the restoration of the old 45-second shot clock, pointing out that the 30-second clock is one more step in Obama’s plan to bring communism to the United States.

Cool news for Downtown Memphis: The Cook Convention Center will host the U.S. Women’s boxing team trials October 25-31. Those selected will go on to represent the U.S. in Rio in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

If Romania is looking for a venue to host its women’s gymnastics team trials, I would like to offer my bedroom free of charge.

Outta here for happy hour drinks. Silly Goose for a bit then south to Max’s to watch the Hogs.