Thursday update

Last night Jamie from the Blind Bear posted on Facebook that they had $1 green PBR on sale. To me, that’s as good as a hand-engraved invitation, so I went over there. Charles was short on trivia teams to play, and given my past history as a trivia player, he drafted me to be a team of one. Each round’s bonus question is a Family Feud style question: 100 people surveyed, write down the top 5 answers. Being a guy who basically has girl hair was an advantage for the first bonus question: Name five things women put in their hair.

Charles told me I got four of the five right: Shampoo, bows, hairspray, and color/dye. The fifth one that I missed was hair clips/ponytail holders. I showed Charles an answer I had put down and then crossed out. “That’s not really something women put in their hair,” I said with a smile. “But sometimes it gets in their hair if things get kinky.”

That’s what I love about being an independent blogger. I can be as inappropriate as I want.

The NCAA Tournament (the real tournament, not that stupid “First Four” crap) is underway. My team, #5 Arkansas, plays #12 Wofford tonight at 8:50 on TNT. I’m also interested in the game that comes on TNT right before, #4 North Carolina vs. #13 Harvard. The winner of that game will be the Hogs’ opponent on Saturday, assuming they take care of Wofford. I hope Bobby Portis is in beast mode tonight and Michael Qualls gets some of those highlight-reel putback dunks. It’s time to CALL THOSE HOGS!!!

There will be a “Live Happy” Happiness Wall tomorrow at Court Square beginning at 8 AM. Fill out a happiness card and get a free happiness bracelet. It’s brought to you by the #HappyActs Challenge. Tomorrow is International Happiness Day and the challenge is to do as many little things as possible to make other people’s day brighter.

Grawemeyer’s is hosting a benefit for the Mid-South Food Bank tonight with the music of Tori Tollison. Bring non-perishable items for the food bank and you get $3 off your entree and half off wine.

The Alcoholic Beverage Commission and cops have really been cracking down on Memphis bartenders and servers about IDs lately. First they sent minors in with fake IDs. Then they sent people in with expired IDs (you aren’t supposed to be allowed to drink in Tennessee without a valid ID on you, regardless of age). Their latest trick is to send someone in who is over 21 and has a real ID, but the birthdays don’t match on the two dates in red, the DOB: and EXP: fields on the ID. I understand the need to keep minors from drinking but what they are doing to bartenders is reaching the point of harassment. Does anyone know why there has been such a severe crackdown the past 6-8 months or so and particularly the last 1 month?

Single-day BBQ Fest tickets are now on sale. New Moody Ques members: You will not need to buy tickets, because your team wristband gets you in. Guests you invite will need to buy a ticket to get in the park.

Cheesecake Factory is coming to Memphis. Well, suburban Memphis. 2760 N. Germantown Parkway to be exact. I haven’t been to a Cheesecake Factory since 1999, when I was in Cambridge, MA training on Lotus Notes. Man I miss my traveling corporate training job. Well, I miss the part of the job where I would visit new places and eat and drink on the company expense account. There are some things I don’t miss, like pretending Lotus Notes was anything other than a hulking piece of shit, and Atlanta Hartsfield airport.

Max’s Sports Bar opened at 11 today and will be open at 11 all weekend for NCAA tournament watching.

WordPress just told me that “people eating seafood” is one of the top search terms sending traffic to my blog. WTF?

Time to eat and run errands. Out at the usual places after work.