Let’s Stay Together, Memphis and a ton of Friday news, plus a BBQ post to come next

I made an excellent decision last night to wander down to Max’s Sports Bar to watch the Arkansas-Wofford game. The place was full but not too full, and they had the sound on for the Hogs. Sitting at the table next to me was famous Twitter cat lady @StephMEM, and our friend Otto commented that it was something like a 1 in 200,000 chance of us both being in Max’s at the same time. Arkansas survived the curse of the 5 seed, holding Wofford off 56-53. Michael Qualls led the scoring with 20. I have a prediction: Bobby Portis is the bigger college star, but I think Qualls will have the longer, more accomplished NBA career, although it will take him a year longer to get there and it will be the 2020s before he out-earns Portis.

Next up: #5 Arkansas vs. #4 North Carolina at 7:40 Saturday, once again on TNT. CRAP! I have a BBQ team meeting at 6. I’m going to have to figure that one out. I hope Brent has cable.

Suggestion for bar owners/managers: Have a list of the channel numbers for TV stations that carry sports by the cash register as a handy reference for bartenders. That way they won’t have to spend minutes surfing the directory to find the channel. TNT HD is 826 on Comcast, by the way.

So, all five schools from Texas were eliminated, and Arkansas advanced. I guess that settles who was the class act of the old Southwest Conference.

Right as the game ended, my Facebook Messenger app went “ding.” It was my neighbor Phil, just getting off his job as an Amtrak engineer at Central Station. “Do you want a ride home?” he asked. I sure did! Thanks Phil.

Speaking of Central Station, “Let’s Stay Together, Memphis,” a community-wide visioning session, will take place there tomorrow from 11 to 4. From 11 to 1 there will be an open house/meet and greet type of session, and you can write “tough love” letters to your city, explaining why you love it and what needs to change. From 2 to 4 there will be “sticky issues” conversations about getting around, public investment, the relationship between public surroundings and quality of life, and what makes a place special. Come to one session or both, lunch provided between sessions, free parking. The event is hosted by the University of Memphis Design Collaborative. If the Nuh-Uh Girl were still in town, she’d show up for this at 12:59 and leave at 1:59.

The Commercial Appeal has named the spaghetti at the Calvary Lenten Waffle Shop a dining best bet.

Rumors are floating around on Twitter that a popular Memphis restaurant will announce a new location inside the Hotel Chisca in the coming weeks.

Do these women look familiar? A tourist wanted to have some fun in Memphis, and he met two women on Beale Street and took them back to his room at the Residence Inn. They stole his cash, credit cards and phone. They introduced themselves as Stacy and Morgan and have been going on a shopping spree in the greater Memphis area.

From the NY Post: Root for Kentucky, where they don’t pretend school matters

This brings back memories: the 1982 JCPenney Christmas catalog

Interesting article: The makers of WordPress learned years ago that the ultimate office perk is not having an office.

I have inspirational words for my BBQ teammates, so a second post will be up shortly.