Pam & Terry tonight at Blind Bear plus more Thursday news

Before I get started on the news, a Moody Ques BBQ team announcement: April 1 is the deadline to pay your dues. That’s next Wednesday. Pay on the team website or get a check to us. You don’t have to pay the PayPal fee if you pay by check.

Also: We need one of these for the booth. Automated Jello shot maker. Kind of like the Keurig of Jello. We would be the coolest BBQ team ever if we had both a flamethrower and a Jello shot maker.

From WREG: Some complain Riverside bike lanes cause traffic delays. YES YES YES they do. Public meeting about Riverside tonight, Central Station, 5:30 to 7.

The fabulous Pam & Terry perform tonight at the Blind Bear from 8 to 11. No cover. With great live music and the NCAA tournament to watch, it’s pretty much a no-brainer that I will spend some time at the Bear this evening.

There will be a Goose Island beer dinner at Bardog Thursday, April 21. 4 courses, 5 beers. $45 ticket, and seating will be limited, so purchase early from your friendly bartender.

General seating for the Redbirds’ April 3 exhibition game with the Cardinals is sold out.

Conversation with tourists last night at the Silly Goose:

Them: “We have heard Gus’s is a place we should try. We’re going to drive there later. It’s about a mile from here, isn’t it?”

Me: “No, it’s only four blocks. You can easily walk there from here. Turn left on Main, go past Beale and MLK Avenue, and when you get to Pontotoc turn right. Walk one block to Front Street and you will see it.”

Them: “But what if we get murdered on the way? That’s in the worst section of Memphis, isn’t it?

ARGH! People’s misguided perceptions of Memphis frustrate me. Thinking back on the conversation, I don’t think they realized that South Main is a different part of town than South Memphis.

I’m not going to be able to make it to the Riverside meeting tonight, but a friend who feels the same way I do about four lanes is going to go and give me a report on what happened. I will be out at the Blind Bear to hear Pam & Terry and to watch NCAA tournament games. I will have to stay out past 11 to see the late game, but the prospect of Calipari going 36-1 makes it worth it.