Big Central Station news (movie theater/grocery store), more Saturday news, and some Moody Ques info at the end

Big news about Central Station was announced at a MATA Finance Committee meeting yesterday. Central Station will be getting a lot of additions, including a Malco movie theater similar to Studio on the Square, a grocery store, a hotel, more apartments, and renovations of existing apartments. The movie theater will be located in the Powerhouse building next to the main terminal. More info: WREG Memphis Flyer

Wow. That is exciting. I’ve always felt South Main trailed the Downtown core a bit in terms of things to do, but it might have just caught up. I wonder if the same apartment management will be kept… to be honest, I have not heard the best things about management from people who have lived there.

Last night I heard that apartments in the former Chisca Hotel will start leasing in April and move-ins will begin in August. I already have friends who say they plan on moving there.

The Commercial Appeal is making an awesome move: Starting Monday, all comments will go through Facebook. So if you get on there and spout racism and bigotry and homophobia and hatred and closed-mindedness and idiocy, you will now have YOUR REAL NAME attached to what you post. No more hiding behind the veil of anonymity. Great job, CA.

River Series at the Harbor Town Amphitheater continues tonight at 7. This month’s entertainment features Amy LaVere, Will Sexton, and Alicja Pop.

Disney in Concert: Magical Music of the Movies begins at two-day run at the Orpheum today.

Big news for my fellow poker players: Tennessee is considering card rooms. Yes!!!! Hopefully the legalization of online poker will be considered next. Revenue for the state while people pursue the game of skill (not luck as some would lead you to believe) that they love.

Smooth sailing continues for the Moody Ques, my Memphis in May BBQ Fest team. Yesterday the team leaders met with Josh Cottrell about the T-shirt order. There was some debate as to what kind of shirts to get. The team vice-president wishes we could get all regular T-shirts, but some of the women want fitted T-shirts and in some cases, tube tops. I side with the women on this one.

If any other BBQ teams need shirts, talk to Josh. He operates out of Winfield’s at 2 South Main, across from Walgreens. If you’d like his contact information, let me know. He did a magnificent job on our 2014 shirts and he also did my Ickey Woods Halloween costume shirt.

This isn’t official yet, but we are looking at a possible April 19 BBQ team get-together. That’s the day of Rajun Cajun crawfish festival on the river and we have access to a rooftop overlooking the festival. This is not official yet but if it happens it will allow us to have a get-together without anyone having to miss one of the most important events on the spring festival calendar.

For those who missed the last meeting, here’s some info on how we think the liquor situation will work. Soft drinks, mixers, water and beer will be behind the bar. As part of your dues, each team member will get a certain amount to spend on liquor. About 2 weeks before BBQ Fest, we will ask each team member what they want and we will go out and get it for you. You will have access to lockers to store your liquor. That way, you can hand out liquor to the guests you choose, but we won’t have it behind the bar for freeloaders. Because we’re doing it this way, you should have enough of a budget to get some pretty decent liquor. It won’t be Skol and Jim Beam’s Eight Star (unless that’s what you want it to be).

Oh and in case you missed it, we have a flamethrower now. :mrgreen:

Ever your Moody Ques workhorse, I will be on a mission this morning at 11 to make sure the Moody Ques Remote Command Center for Load-in is in tip-top shape. My “DAWG” John D will be joining me, and anyone else who wants to come check it out is welcome. Panda is on her way out of town, so Brooke will be behind the bar Command Center. Once I verify that everything is working properly (especially the PBR tap), I will make my way to the Blind Bear to see my favorite pair of librarian glasses. She works Memphis Made’s taproom on Fridays and posted a pic of an awesome looking chorizo burrito from the Hot Mess food truck. I have got to try that truck soon. After the Bear, it will be time for a halftime break, then what promises to be an epic Dirty Thirty birthday party for my buddy Phil this evening. How many birthday parties have a burlesque show?

Time to hit Publish. Yesterday I essentially wrapped up a work project that has taken a long, long time, and I am now in a GREAT mood as a result. Cold weather or not, I intend to have some fun today and tomorrow.