Majestic to stick around for a while/upcoming dinner with Oaxaca, Mexico cuisine plus more Thursday news

Congratulations to the Majestic Grille, which recently renewed its lease for another 10 years. Glad the restaurant will be sticking around, but not surprised. Speaking of the Majestic, its next dinner in its Ten til Ten series will be held on May 5, Cinco de Mayo, and it will feature dishes from the Oaxaca region of Mexico. Chef Patrick Reilly will be joined in the kitchen by longtime Majestic Chef Luis Reyes, a native of the region. Here’s the menu.

While we’re on the subject of events with a Mexican menu, there will be a Mexican buffet at the Peabody rooftop party tonight (sorry, I don’t have exact details on the food that will be served). The Brad Birkedahl Band will headline (you may remember Brad from my favorite Memphis band ever, The Dempseys) and special guest Cash Cash will also perform. $10 cover, doors open at 6, ladies free until 7, and you can purchase season-long VIP passes with lots of special perks at the door.

The Grizzlies closed out Portland last night at home, and will get a few days’ rest before their Western Conference semifinals opener at Golden State on Sunday. I had heard the game was going to have a 12:30 start time, but ESPN’s NBA schedule is showing a 2:30 tipoff with the game on ABC. That works perfect for my schedule. That will allow me to hit brunch with Bloom at Bardog when that bar opens Sunday at 11 – Bloom is regaining her spot on my Sunday agenda after having not had it for several weeks – then over to Blind Bear for D-RANKS with B-RAD to watch the game. With a Grizzlies game midday, I definitely won’t be going to Music Fest on Sunday.

Speaking of which, here are the Music Fest performance times and stage information. I usually don’t do Music Fest, but with gorgeous weather all weekend long I haven’t totally ruled out going Saturday.

Several Downtown restaurants are participating in Dine Out for Life today, donating a portion of their proceeds to Friends for Life, an organization that supports those with HIV, AIDS, and their caregivers. Downtown restaurants include Rizzo’s Diner, Silly Goose, McEwen’s, Mollie Fontaine Lounge, Blind Bear, eighty3, Grawemeyer’s, and Chez Philippe. It would be a good night to not deal with cooking and washing dishes and eat out at one of these restaurants instead.

I Love Memphis is throwing a party in Court Square Wednesday, November 6, from 11 to 2:30 at lunchtime.

Bass Pro Pyramid got tons of media coverage, but Gizmodo is not a fan.

That’s it for now. Back tomorrow or maybe tonight with more news.

Finally! Bass Pro opening day

Today’s the big day. Bass Pro at the Pyramid has its grand opening this evening at 6. Can’t make it in person? The Memphis Flyer has a video tour as well as a guide.

The Grizzlies have Game 5 against Portland tonight at 8:30. Between that and Bass Pro, expect extremely heavy traffic Downtown this evening.

The Tennessee Brewery is open 4-8 tonight for people who want a spot to pre-game for the Grizz.

The man who stole Elton John’s glasses from the Rock & Soul Museum is now in custody and the glasses have been returned.

Forecast is looking mostly excellent for Music Fest this weekend. The only negative is that low near 50 Friday night. Don’t let that stop you from wearing those tube tops though. The thing about good weather for Music Fest, is that it’s often a sign of bad weather for BBQ Fest two weeks later. I hope I don’t find myself walking home in the 52 degree rain again.

Reminds me: Moody Ques, check your email. Head cook Frank sent out the menus and shopping lists for each day, along with requests for a few items we need in the booth. Of course, a flamethrower is not on the request list because we already have one. I’d post the menu here but it might attract freeloaders, so check your email and let me know if you did not receive an email.

(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )

The Flyer’s Hungry Memphis blog has a report on Oshi’s Danger Dog. Bacon!

The Flyer is having a margarita fest Saturday, June 27 out in Overton Park.

I’ll be out at the usual spots after work, and will stay up to see the end of the Grizzlies game.

Tuesday update

Wow, I just looked at my traffic counter. As usual, my blog traffic more than doubled the day after Wine Race. Welcome to all my new readers, and feel free to stick around.

Bass Pro at the Pyramid has its grand opening tomorrow evening at 6. There will be free parking and shuttles to alleviate congestion in the area. Here’s a map.

Part of the reason Downtown will be congested tomorrow is that Portland beat the Grizzlies last night, forcing a Game 5 which will be played at FedExForum. Game 5 tickets are now on sale.

One of Downtown’s kindest, most wonderful people is Suhair Lauck, affectionately known as “Miss Su” to the Downtown community. Miss Su operates the Little Tea Shop on Monroe, and she has never met a stranger. This past weekend, whether an accident or intentional vandalism, one of the two benches outside the front of her restaurant was destroyed. Her friends have started a GoFundMe account to raise money to replace the bench.

Last week I posted that a Chili Cheese Fritos taco was spotted at the Taco Bell at Third and Crump. It’s now official: Memphis is a test market for the new taco.

I tried the build-your-own nachos at the new Mexican joint at 154 Beale yesterday for dinner.

Photo Apr 27, 4 49 23 PM

I chose to have mine topped with Peppadew pepper beef brisket. This was a whole lot of food at an inexpensive price, and it was very good.

The Daily News has coverage of the first mayoral forum of the season, held yesterday at the Tennessee Brewery.

A new thrift shop has opened on South Main.

That’s all for now. Back at it after a three-day weekend. Will be out at the usual places after work.

This chick pretty much owned Wine Race


For the second event of Wine Race, the Queen of the Vine competition, our crew assembled at the Handy Park stage. We had the Saucer girls, Bad Shane and 10-ounce Talley from Squeal Street, and “Mr. Load-in” from the 2014 award-winning Moody Ques BBQ team. The girl pictured above didn’t win Queen of the Vine but we all agreed she pretty much owned that damn stage.

I led off the day with D-RANKS with B-RAD at Blind Bear, where Colin gave me my team T-shirt. Due to photographer duties I didn’t get to march in the parade with the team.


Prior to the parade I started off my day with one of these:

2015-04-26 14.12.13

For those of you who don’t know, this drink is a Call-a-Cab. Wet Willie’s, across Beale from Handy Park, sells them and they are made with 190 proof PGA. A large Cab has almost as much alcohol as a six-pack of beer. Definitely not recommended if you’re driving. Definitely not recommended that you have more than one. I had two.

2015-04-26 13.12.01

Several of the teams threw beads in the opening parade. Jack Binion’s restaurant in Horseshoe, however, threw candy bars. Yes I stood there and ate a candy bar off a garbage can like a damn bum. I have no shame at all.

PRO TIP: If you want to take photos of an event on Beale, stand next to a garbage can. That way there’s not a person next to you blocking your view. Seriously, this works and I learned it years ago.


Green Beetle team


New entry to Wine Race this year: Lafayette’s Music Room


Saucer girls


Squeal Street BBQ, reliving that moment in 2014 when they watched the Moody Ques walk up on stage at BBQ Fest to collect a trophy.


QOTV contestants shakin it


“I hate to see you leave, but I sure do love watching you go” guy interviewing the contestants


Blind Bear QOTV contestant Mandy Marie


Suzy is unimpressed with the QOTV interview responses.




So, yeah, this happened.


The man, the myth, the legend, Jon Roser, ladies and gentlemen. Roser has chosen wisely on his selection of beverage.


Mandy and Dirty B getting down on stage



A member of the crowd just figured out why I call it “Debauchery Day”


False advertising. Love ya to death Godsey but you are NOT a double D.


Getting set up for the grape stomp


Teams from the first heat get ready to measure. Whoever produces the most grape juice in two minutes wins.


Michael Bean and Jamie from Blind Bear doing grape stomp



Buddha doing his best impression of “Well, you know, I’m totally not part of this conversation, but I’m going to twist and turn and lean in and listen anyway, because what else do I have to do, watch porn on a tablet in a room in my dad’s house” guy


Street food. Pizza at Jerry Lee’s. It’s the same people who run Ferraro’s. Really good. I had a slice of pepperoni and a slice of sausage.

 Full photo album (239 photos) here. I had to delete an additional 32 photos due to wardrobe malfunctions.

Day three of a three-day weekend and I see no reason to hang out at home. PBR at Bloom’s bar at Bardog as soon as I hit Publish and get dressed. Anyone else who took a Wine Race recovery day is welcome to join.

Saturday recap/Debauchery Day is here

2015-04-25 21.23.40

Yesterday was the completely awesome day that I expected. Start to finish, I enjoyed every minute of it. Well, maybe not the minute where I banged my big toe against a temporary traffic sign on Beale and split my toenail in half, but all the other minutes. My right foot looks like something out of a horror movie today.

I started off the day at Panda Time at Bardog. Wing Fest was down the street on Riverside, and people kept coming in asking to use the restroom without ordering anything. “There’s a restrooms for customers only sign around here somewhere,” Panda said, but she couldn’t find it. She called someone, presumably Aldo, to ask what to do. “There’s a computer downstairs with Microsoft Word on it,” she was told. “Find someone tech-y (Panda pointed at me) at the bar and have them print you out a new sign.” Panda took me down to the office and I made her a sign.

2015-04-25 13.47.16

Type four words in a document, change the font to 60 point Arial Black, hit the Print button, get bought a beer. I can live with that.

Friends of mine were at Bardog pre-gaming for Wing Fest. They left, then came back 10 minutes later. “There were at least 60 people in line to get in,” they told me. “And it’s a $12 cover, and you have to pay even more to eat or drink anything.” I must admit, I don’t understand Wing Fest. I mean, I get it that it’s a fundraiser, but when it costs more to get in Wing Fest than it does BBQ Fest, it kind of makes me not want to go.

While at Bardog I got a Facebook message, alerting me that not only was the brewery staying open late to show the entire Grizzlies game, but they were handing out blue “Revival” growl towels at 9:15, 15 minutes before the start of the game. I immediately knew what my game watching plans for the evening would be.

My second stop was Blind Bear. “I read your blog,” Mandy Marie said. “I’m the one working the double,” taking over for my favorite pair of librarian glasses who was working the Memphis Made party out in Midtown. Mandy totally rocked it and did an awesome job. Class clowns Rahul and Tony were there. Tony was playing with his stick – his new selfie stick, that is.

2015-04-25 15.29.17

Next stop was the brewery, where my friend Bad Shane offered me the chance to buy a $5000 painting. Unfortunately I was about $4960 short and had to decline.

2015-04-25 16.16.36

It was a beautiful day and Bella was hanging out in the beer garden.

2015-04-25 17.46.12

By about 5:30 I was getting hungry. I went to Central BBQ but it appeared that every table in the house was full, so I started walking, looking for a place to go. As I walked past South of Beale, I saw that my friend Kaylea (who told me to “eat a dick” in response to yesterday’s post) was bartending and the place wasn’t busy. So I went in and took a seat. Remembering that I had heard good things about the duck patty melt, I ordered it for dinner.

2015-04-25 18.39.43

My friends weren’t lying about the patty melt. REALLY good. I recommend it if you find yourself at SOB. I let Kaylea pick my side and she picked mac & cheese. It was good too.

Finishing dinner around 6:30, I realized I might as well stay in South Main to ensure I would be at the brewery for game time. I paid a visit to Max’s Sports Bar then wandered over to the brewery around 7:30.

2015-04-25 19.35.54

At 9:15 the growl towels came out. I got not one, but two. I might be willing to give away the second one if the right offer comes along.

Here are some pictures of members of Squeal Street BBQ posing with their growl towels with 2014 award-winning Moody Ques team member “Mr. Load-in”:

2015-04-25 21.24.54

2015-04-25 21.25.10

2015-04-25 21.25.21

Thanks to shots of Fireball throughout the day I gradually started to go downhill.

2015-04-25 21.31.18

2015-04-25 21.31.31

On a side note… I hear that one of the biggest imbeciles in Memphis doesn’t understand why my BBQ team uses a Van Halen logo when our team name is a play on the Moody Blues. Hey, there are all things we don’t understand. For example, I don’t understand why you’re almost 50 and still living in a room in your dad’s house.

The brewery stayed open through the end of the game, but their beer permit cut off at 11, so at halftime I walked north to the Saucer to watch the rest of the game. Nice to see the Grizzlies looking good. I hung out until about 1, and I heard some of the girls talking about Purple Haze after-hours. I considered it but realized that was a sure way to sleep through Wine Race today.

Oh, speaking of Wine Race… IT’S DEBAUCHERY DAY!!!!!! If you are a prude or a teetotaler I would recommend staying the hell away from Handy Park this afternoon. Wine Race has taught me many important lessons. For example, it taught me that 4 Call-a-Cabs from Wet Willie’s in one afternoon is not a very good idea. The BBQ team definitely shouldn’t let me operate the flamethrower after drinking Call-a-Cabs.

(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )

D-RANKS with B-RAD at 11 where I will pick up my Blind Bear shirt for Wine Race. Over to Handy Park around 12:45 and I have all three batteries charged up for the Tube Top Cam. Rest of the day TBD, but I have tomorrow off so I do not plan on making it an early night.

Saturday update

2015-04-25 07.38.28 HDR

Traffic on Riverside is being re-routed not only for Memphis in May, but today, also for Wing Fest. This sign looks like it’s telling drivers to turn right on the pedestrian Main Street Mall. City traffic engineers might want to re-think that one.

I saw the sign on my morning walk to City Market. The past two weeks, I have gotten smoothies from the juice truck at Farmers Market. This morning I am not heading that far south, but City Market has smoothies too. I thought to myself, “I could totally get a cup filled with mango and strawberry and blueberry goodness.”

Then I thought, “City Market also has Mountain Dew.”

I totally got a Mountain Dew. :mrgreen:

(I used the Mr. Green icon I use when I mention my BBQ team’s flamethrower :mrgreen: )

(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )

In a rather silly mood this morning… It’s the first day of a three-day weekend for me and I am rather happy about that. There are a ton of things going on this weekend. But first, a look at the other product I bought at City Market.

2015-04-25 07.43.36

New product called Mountain Dew Dewshine. 12 ounce glass bottle, made with real sugar. Being a lover of all things Dew (except Diet Dew, which tastes like cat piss) I had to try one. Tastes like halfway between a Dew and a Sprite. Not bad, although I prefer regular Dew.

In case you didn’t know, Mountain Dew is a nickname for moonshine. I think George Jones used that term in “White Lightnin'”. It got its name in the ’40s when backwoods moonshine stills were still common.

Dammit, I miss The Dempseys. Half their songs were about moonshine.

Memphis Farmers Market is going until 1 and this week’s theme is Give Peas a Chance. Kinda makes me want to go down there and sing a duet of “Give Peace a Chance” with someone. Robo?

Wing Fest starts at 11 today. Good luck to my buddy Seth who writes the Best Memphis Burger blog. “Mr. Load-in” is rooting for you!

(If you’re playing the drinking game, today’s post is probably gonna get you pretty drunk.)

Out in Midtown, there’s a celebration called Hopped going on at Memphis Made Brewery today. The brewery is on South Cooper just south of Central.

Hmmm… I assume my favorite pair of librarian glasses is working Hopped… wonder who will be day bar at Blind Bear today. Pretty much anyone else to fill in would be working a double, and no one wants a double the day before Wine Race.

The Redbirds are back in town tonight with a 6:05 game against Round Rock. Fireworks after the game.

Blind Mississippi Morris plays Tennessee Brewery Revival from 3 to 7 today. Beer, food trucks, art, good people.

The next concert in the River Series at Harbor Town Amphitheater is tonight at 7. Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks will play.

There are two upcoming special events at the Tennessee Brewery this month. On Monday there will be an Infor Memphis mayoral forum at 5. All declared candidates for mayor of Memphis have been invited. The forum will be moderated by Kyle Veazey.

Thursday the 30th the brewery will host Drink-n-Draw from 5 to 8. It’s described as a game show, karaoke, and art class all rolled into one. Learn drawing tricks, play games, win prizes.

WREG has an article about the “trolley” at South Main Trolley night last night. Wish the city would contract with this company and get those ugly green buses off Main.

I found a few pics on my camera from last weekend, also a three-day weekend. Let’s have a look shall we?

2015-04-19 14.37.00

If this not how your BBQ team does meetings, you’re not doing it right. (or “your not doing it right” as my friend Kaylea would say). So, let’s see… so far this year we’ve had a special Saturday happy hour at the Goose, a backyard cookout with two High Cotton beers on draft, and a rooftop party overlooking Rajun Cajun Crawfish Fest. I dare say there is not a team in all of BBQ Fest who has had a better pre-season than the Moody Ques.

2015-04-19 14.10.47

Takin’ out my big weiner at Rajun Cajun. (I could so make a second story BBQ booth reference here, but maybe I better not.)

2015-04-19 19.03.24

Three-day weekends are rough. It’s important to pace yourself and nap throughout the day as needed.

Can you tell I’m in a fabulous fuckin mood today?

All right. Panda Time at Bardog at 11 is my first stop, but after that the day is wide open. Hop a Lyft to Midtown for Hopped? A possibility. Blind Bear? I’ll probably at least stop by because I’m curious who is day bar. Brewery? An option, for sure. Max’s? If I go to the brewery it would be rude to not at least stop by and say hello. Wing Fest? Might happen, you never know. Saturday evening service at Hope Church? Yeah, wouldn’t count on that one.

Got a little time to kill before Panda Time, so I’m going to get back in bed and take a nap. And I’m not going to wake up until I understand women! …So, when you find me and bury me, I’d like “Inventor of Tube Top Month” on my gravestone, and please mention the Moody Ques’ flamethrower in my eulogy.

(I mentioned the flamethrower again :mrgreen: )

Friday update

I saw an article on my Twitter feed this morning titled “What the Best Bloggers Do Right.” I didn’t click through to read it, but I imagine Tube Top Month was mentioned… and BBQ team flamethrowers…

(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )

Very important news: A chili cheese Fritos taco was spotted at the Taco Bell at Third and Crump. Thanks to @BradPee on Twitter for sharing this discovery.

Tonight is South Main Trolley Night, with many shops and galleries open until 9 or later. I don’t have too many details for this one, but I do know that “Almost Elton John” will perform at Love Pop Soda Shop this evening. There will be a special bus that will shuttle people back and forth from Peabody Place to G.E. Patterson from 6 to 8 PM.

Here’s the official Beale Street page for Sunday’s Wine Race. The Blind Bear has ordered me a shirt and I will be on the sidelines cheering the Bear on in all the events. says that storms may (not will, but may) fire up tomorrow similar to the ones Texas and Oklahoma had earlier this week. If they do materialize, they need to be kept an eye on. Keep that in mind if you are attending Wing Fest, Hopped, or any other outdoor event tomorrow.

High Ground News has a good article about the fight against blight Downtown. Memphis is taking one of the most aggressive approaches of any city.

Last night I stopped by the Silly Goose and Daniel showed me his latest invention: patio bingo.

Photo Apr 23, 6 24 20 PM

That should be fun. All the cards have the same items but in different spots.

Going to hit Publish and take a quick walk before the rain moves in. My plan for tonight was to go to South Main Trolley Night (and I mean actually walk around and visit the shops, not sit at Max’s and drink PBR all evening like I usually do), but the weather forecast makes me think a Plan B is in order. If the rain this evening is what they say it is, Bardog will be my destination.

Gratuitous mention of the BBQ team flamethrower plus Thursday news

The Memphis Flyer has a cover article on Bass Pro Pyramid which is opening next week. If you’re not the type who picks up a hard copy of the Flyer every week, you can read the article here.

The Memphis in May Riverside Drive detour begins today. If you use Riverside to get to I-55 South, the best alternate is to take Second south to G.E. Patterson, take a left then take a right on Third, take Third to Crump, right on Crump and head west until you see the sign. Just don’t get on I-55 North by mistake and end up in Arkansas. Done that myself a time or two. The good news is, when Riverside re-opens at the end of next month, all four lanes will be open again. Bye bike lanes!

Holly has an excellent list of ABCs of Memphis in May. Those of you who are not on BBQ Fest teams but who get invited to visit team booths, take note of suggestion “T” in particular. Hey, we gotta pay for that flamethrower somehow!

(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )

’80s college band Walrus headlines tonight’s Peabody rooftop party. Doors open at 6, $10 cover, ladies free before 7. Admission includes a buffet of cheese dip and chips, pizza rolls, and mini corn dogs. If you’re in VIP you have a second buffet of cheese dip and a nacho bar, crudite, pizza rolls, and sliders.

The state approved rules for rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft today, pre-empting a local ordinance.

A new ordinance banning smoking in New Orleans bars, restaurants, and casinos has taken effect. Sure wish Memphis would pass something similar.

Here are the full results of voting for NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Kawhi Leonard won. Tony Allen finished 7th, Marc Gasol 11th.

Plans for tonight: Hit the usual spots, chat with my BBQ teammates about the flamethrower.

(I mentioned the flamethrower again :mrgreen: )

Info on new Mexican restaurant on Beale, plus Wednesday news

I have more information about Burrito Blues, the new restaurant that will be serving authentic Mexican food on Beale in the location that used to be Johnny G’s.

On Sunday-Thursday the hours will be 11 to 9. Friday and Saturday it will be 11 to 11 for the dining room, with food available until 3 AM in the restaurant’s take-out window.

Burrito Blues will have “build your own” burritos, tacos, burrito bowls, salads, and nachos. Meats will include grilled adobo marinated chicken, adobo marinated steak, peppadew pepper rubbed beef brisket, and smoked pork shoulder along with options for vegetarians and vegans. The restaurant buys local whenever possible. The bar has four draft beers, two Ghost River and two national choices (unfortunately not PBR). Margaritas are available from 16 to 100 ounces, and there will be house, blue, and top-shelf options. The top-shelf option is Camerena Gold Tequila, produced at a 150-year-old distillery. The restaurant will play blues music 24/7.

Burrito Blues Menu (PDF)

Riverside Drive will close for Memphis in May and for improvements tomorrow through May 25. It’s that time of year. Plan on taking Front and Georgia as your alternate route.

Capriccio Grill in the Peabody has a new lunch menu. Here’s a look.

It’s Memphis Beer Week and there are tastings, dinners, and other events happening this week. Here’s the schedule.

A pair of Elton John’s glasses were stolen from the Rock & Soul Museum this week.

Last night there was not much happening in the Downtown core so I decided to walk down to Max’s Sports Bar and see what was going on there. As I passed the Happy Mexican I noticed the new apartments across the street on Second. They are under construction and there was a sign on the front saying 1-bedrooms start at $538. That’s a really good value.

Grizzlies vs. Portland, Game 2, 7 PM at FedExForum. If you don’t go to the game it’s on TNT.

Outta here, time to hit Publish then PBR.