Saturday update

2015-04-25 07.38.28 HDR

Traffic on Riverside is being re-routed not only for Memphis in May, but today, also for Wing Fest. This sign looks like it’s telling drivers to turn right on the pedestrian Main Street Mall. City traffic engineers might want to re-think that one.

I saw the sign on my morning walk to City Market. The past two weeks, I have gotten smoothies from the juice truck at Farmers Market. This morning I am not heading that far south, but City Market has smoothies too. I thought to myself, “I could totally get a cup filled with mango and strawberry and blueberry goodness.”

Then I thought, “City Market also has Mountain Dew.”

I totally got a Mountain Dew. :mrgreen:

(I used the Mr. Green icon I use when I mention my BBQ team’s flamethrower :mrgreen: )

(I mentioned the flamethrower :mrgreen: )

In a rather silly mood this morning… It’s the first day of a three-day weekend for me and I am rather happy about that. There are a ton of things going on this weekend. But first, a look at the other product I bought at City Market.

2015-04-25 07.43.36

New product called Mountain Dew Dewshine. 12 ounce glass bottle, made with real sugar. Being a lover of all things Dew (except Diet Dew, which tastes like cat piss) I had to try one. Tastes like halfway between a Dew and a Sprite. Not bad, although I prefer regular Dew.

In case you didn’t know, Mountain Dew is a nickname for moonshine. I think George Jones used that term in “White Lightnin'”. It got its name in the ’40s when backwoods moonshine stills were still common.

Dammit, I miss The Dempseys. Half their songs were about moonshine.

Memphis Farmers Market is going until 1 and this week’s theme is Give Peas a Chance. Kinda makes me want to go down there and sing a duet of “Give Peace a Chance” with someone. Robo?

Wing Fest starts at 11 today. Good luck to my buddy Seth who writes the Best Memphis Burger blog. “Mr. Load-in” is rooting for you!

(If you’re playing the drinking game, today’s post is probably gonna get you pretty drunk.)

Out in Midtown, there’s a celebration called Hopped going on at Memphis Made Brewery today. The brewery is on South Cooper just south of Central.

Hmmm… I assume my favorite pair of librarian glasses is working Hopped… wonder who will be day bar at Blind Bear today. Pretty much anyone else to fill in would be working a double, and no one wants a double the day before Wine Race.

The Redbirds are back in town tonight with a 6:05 game against Round Rock. Fireworks after the game.

Blind Mississippi Morris plays Tennessee Brewery Revival from 3 to 7 today. Beer, food trucks, art, good people.

The next concert in the River Series at Harbor Town Amphitheater is tonight at 7. Jack Oblivian and The Sheiks will play.

There are two upcoming special events at the Tennessee Brewery this month. On Monday there will be an Infor Memphis mayoral forum at 5. All declared candidates for mayor of Memphis have been invited. The forum will be moderated by Kyle Veazey.

Thursday the 30th the brewery will host Drink-n-Draw from 5 to 8. It’s described as a game show, karaoke, and art class all rolled into one. Learn drawing tricks, play games, win prizes.

WREG has an article about the “trolley” at South Main Trolley night last night. Wish the city would contract with this company and get those ugly green buses off Main.

I found a few pics on my camera from last weekend, also a three-day weekend. Let’s have a look shall we?

2015-04-19 14.37.00

If this not how your BBQ team does meetings, you’re not doing it right. (or “your not doing it right” as my friend Kaylea would say). So, let’s see… so far this year we’ve had a special Saturday happy hour at the Goose, a backyard cookout with two High Cotton beers on draft, and a rooftop party overlooking Rajun Cajun Crawfish Fest. I dare say there is not a team in all of BBQ Fest who has had a better pre-season than the Moody Ques.

2015-04-19 14.10.47

Takin’ out my big weiner at Rajun Cajun. (I could so make a second story BBQ booth reference here, but maybe I better not.)

2015-04-19 19.03.24

Three-day weekends are rough. It’s important to pace yourself and nap throughout the day as needed.

Can you tell I’m in a fabulous fuckin mood today?

All right. Panda Time at Bardog at 11 is my first stop, but after that the day is wide open. Hop a Lyft to Midtown for Hopped? A possibility. Blind Bear? I’ll probably at least stop by because I’m curious who is day bar. Brewery? An option, for sure. Max’s? If I go to the brewery it would be rude to not at least stop by and say hello. Wing Fest? Might happen, you never know. Saturday evening service at Hope Church? Yeah, wouldn’t count on that one.

Got a little time to kill before Panda Time, so I’m going to get back in bed and take a nap. And I’m not going to wake up until I understand women! …So, when you find me and bury me, I’d like “Inventor of Tube Top Month” on my gravestone, and please mention the Moody Ques’ flamethrower in my eulogy.

(I mentioned the flamethrower again :mrgreen: )