This chick pretty much owned Wine Race


For the second event of Wine Race, the Queen of the Vine competition, our crew assembled at the Handy Park stage. We had the Saucer girls, Bad Shane and 10-ounce Talley from Squeal Street, and “Mr. Load-in” from the 2014 award-winning Moody Ques BBQ team. The girl pictured above didn’t win Queen of the Vine but we all agreed she pretty much owned that damn stage.

I led off the day with D-RANKS with B-RAD at Blind Bear, where Colin gave me my team T-shirt. Due to photographer duties I didn’t get to march in the parade with the team.


Prior to the parade I started off my day with one of these:

2015-04-26 14.12.13

For those of you who don’t know, this drink is a Call-a-Cab. Wet Willie’s, across Beale from Handy Park, sells them and they are made with 190 proof PGA. A large Cab has almost as much alcohol as a six-pack of beer. Definitely not recommended if you’re driving. Definitely not recommended that you have more than one. I had two.

2015-04-26 13.12.01

Several of the teams threw beads in the opening parade. Jack Binion’s restaurant in Horseshoe, however, threw candy bars. Yes I stood there and ate a candy bar off a garbage can like a damn bum. I have no shame at all.

PRO TIP: If you want to take photos of an event on Beale, stand next to a garbage can. That way there’s not a person next to you blocking your view. Seriously, this works and I learned it years ago.


Green Beetle team


New entry to Wine Race this year: Lafayette’s Music Room


Saucer girls


Squeal Street BBQ, reliving that moment in 2014 when they watched the Moody Ques walk up on stage at BBQ Fest to collect a trophy.


QOTV contestants shakin it


“I hate to see you leave, but I sure do love watching you go” guy interviewing the contestants


Blind Bear QOTV contestant Mandy Marie


Suzy is unimpressed with the QOTV interview responses.




So, yeah, this happened.


The man, the myth, the legend, Jon Roser, ladies and gentlemen. Roser has chosen wisely on his selection of beverage.


Mandy and Dirty B getting down on stage



A member of the crowd just figured out why I call it “Debauchery Day”


False advertising. Love ya to death Godsey but you are NOT a double D.


Getting set up for the grape stomp


Teams from the first heat get ready to measure. Whoever produces the most grape juice in two minutes wins.


Michael Bean and Jamie from Blind Bear doing grape stomp



Buddha doing his best impression of “Well, you know, I’m totally not part of this conversation, but I’m going to twist and turn and lean in and listen anyway, because what else do I have to do, watch porn on a tablet in a room in my dad’s house” guy


Street food. Pizza at Jerry Lee’s. It’s the same people who run Ferraro’s. Really good. I had a slice of pepperoni and a slice of sausage.

 Full photo album (239 photos) here. I had to delete an additional 32 photos due to wardrobe malfunctions.

Day three of a three-day weekend and I see no reason to hang out at home. PBR at Bloom’s bar at Bardog as soon as I hit Publish and get dressed. Anyone else who took a Wine Race recovery day is welcome to join.